Camille and Gavin

how we met

Gavin and Camille started dating when they were sophomores in high school, age 15 years old. Camille won over Gavin when they became lab partners in chemistry class and she did all of the work, haha! Camille and Gavin dated throughout high school and attended college together. Gavin will graduate with a masters in accounting this August, and Camille graduated from nursing school in 2018 works at a children’s hospital.

how they asked

Camille and Gavin were creeping up on nine years together, with Camille spending the last two years really bugging Gavin about proposing to her. Little did Camille know that Gavin planned an elaborate weekend in March to propose. That very weekend turned out to be the beginning of the COVID quarantine and all of Gavin’s plans were canceled.

Camille had been planning a trip in May to celebrate her mother’s birthday and brother’s graduation, but that was canceled as well. When the quarantine seemed to be lifting somewhat, Camille and Gavin decided to go home and see their families. Gavin, their families, and some very amazing friends started the planning process all over again about secretly proposing to Camille, but this time having to work around all the the COVID restrictions that were still in place.

Camille’s mother told her they were having a small get together to celebrate Camille’s brother’s graduation, and that her and Gavin should look their best because family pictures were being taken. That evening after everyone was ready to celebrate, Camille’s sister coaxed her out onto the patio.

Gavin previously told Camille he was going to be a little late, but when she walked outside Gavin was waiting. When Camille saw the look on his face, she knew exactly what was going to happen!!!

“Gavin looked so nervous,” said Camille, “but so excited! He said some amazing words and then got down on one knee. Next thing I knew, all of our closest friends and family were pouring out of my house, our photographer was walking out from behind the bushes of the neighbors yard, and my patio was being set up with tables and back drops. It was the perfect night, and I’m so thankful we were able to celebrate with the people who have watched our relationship grow over all these years.”

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