Camila and Piero

Where to Propose in Positano Italy

How We Met

Piero and I have been in a long distance relationship since May 2018, he’s from Italy and I’m from Costa Rica. Before meeting him, I Iived in Italy as a missionary and met his whole family but him. He was a missionary in Florida at the time, hence we never met! But when we both went back to our respective countries, his mom kept telling him to talk to me. So he followed me on Instagram and I messaged him. Later I went back to Italy to meet him… and the rest is history.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Positano Italy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Positano Italy

How They Asked

After months of long FaceTime calls, a round trip from Itay to Costa Rica, lots of text messages and goodbyes… I visited Italy again! This time with my parents and a planned tour around the Amalfi Coast.

That morning in Positano was perfect! The day before was cloudy and cold, that March 13th was sunny and amazing! As soon as I woke up, Piero told me to wear my favorite dress so we could take pictures at Spiaggia Grande. That was my first clue! We walked on the beach and took some pictures. My parents (a.k.a. the photographers) were really anxious and committed to finding the “right spot” for the picture. Clue #2 since never in my life I’ve seen my parents so interested in pictures.

Camila's Proposal in Positano Italy

We posed for some minutes and then I hugged him. Clue #3 his heart was going 200 MPH and I immediately knew he was nervous. I asked if everything was okay. No reply.

“You look so beautiful”. Next thing I see is the love of my life kneel down and take out a red box. My heart was complete and tears came to my eyes. “Will you marry me?”

YES! Absolutely yes!