Camila and Diego

How We Met

We met through mutual friends and after a month of conversations every day we decided to go out and meet us. We had dinner, talked for hours, and since then we’ve never been far from each other, it’s been two years, and love has only multiplied. There were countless trips, dinners and smiles, it seems that the world for when I am next to her, is incredible.

how they asked

After two years of dating, I decided to invite her on a commemorative trip, what she did not realize was that this trip would change our lives forever. I started the preparations months before, I chose a private beach in the city of Ilhabela because I know that she loves beaches, the ring was stored for seven months and I also hired an advisor to help me with the preparations for the request.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ilhabela, São Paulo - Brazil

Arriving at the Resort, we spent two incredible days before the request and with that my anxiety only increased, on August 28, 2017, at 7:30 pm I warned that the hotel would offer a dinner. We went to the place (everything was ready, she had no idea) and when we went down the stairs she came across all this surprise, to my happiness she said YES!!!

Special Thanks

Cynthia Tukahara