Camila and Anthony


How We Met

It was four years ago when we first met, listening to “we fell in love in a hopeless place” in a Mayfair nightclub in London. I remember it so clearly like if it was yesterday, I had a table with my girlfriends and he had a table right next to mine with his friends… When I was dancing the night away, I looked to my right and there he was: handsome, green eyes, tall and such a gorgeous smile! He asked my name and where I was from and the conversation begun… I went to the toilets for literally a few minutes and when I came back he was talking to another blonde girl. In my mind I was thinking “Player, just like every other guy…”, I remember I got so put off by it and I didn’t want to give him anymore of my precious time. I walked past them like I didn’t care (but of course, broken ego and very disappointed in this man I barely knew!) and went back to my table.


As soon as he saw me come back, he stopped the conversation and sat down next to me. Without noticing my don’t-talk-to-me-face, he tried saying a few words which were cut off immediately by me: “why don’t you go and keep the conversation with that other girl?”, he smiled and tried to explain “come on, we were just talking! And she was the one to come over to talk to me”. Yes, they were just talking, but I got quite self defensive there. I just replied “yes, yes sure!”, he then says: “I have to leave now my mates are waiting outside for me, can I have your number?”. My answer was: “No”, he was like “Why not?”. Now, think with me, I met this random guy who has no friends in common with me, who looks like a player and that was talking to a blonde girl the second I was away? Don’t even wanted to waste my time.

He insisted. I then said: “OK, but you better make me not regret it!”, we both laugh of this situation so much today…. And yes, HE DID NOT MAKE ME REGRET IT, in fact he was nothing that I thought he was: Anthony has the biggest heart and it can sound quite cliché but he makes me the happiest woman in the world. Who would have imagined, to find my soulmate in such a hopeless place? I remember I didn’t even wanna go that evening, he also was planning to go somewhere else but ended up there…. It was all meant to happen, just when we least expect it, there and then!

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how they asked

Four years later, we planned a trip to Santorini for our anniversary. He was being quite suspicious about it all and normally I am the one who organises our entire schedule and he totally trust this in my hands! This time around, he took control of everything and my heart was telling me “He is gonna propose! He is gonna propose!” but my mind was saying: “Don’t get over excited Camila! What if he doesn’t? You would be so frustrated!”. On the 10th August, our anniversary, he prepared a private boat trip in Santorini for us… I was so excited and wanted to wear something quite special to it. That morning we saw a dress I really liked, and to make it even more special he gave me as a surprise to wear it then!

He thought of every single detail for this. We had the most amazing day in the boat, we went to a couple of private places to swim, had lovely wine while appreciating the gorgeous views and crystal clear water, stopped off in a private beach and walked hand to hand, it was really sweet too as we saw on the way a heart shaped rock. The captain and assistant all knew about it, I was so surprised because Anthony showed her my professional camera and asked if she could snap some photos of us – let me just add that he absolutely HATES photos and social media, I am a fashion blogger as a profession so I was loving the photos but this made me even more suspicious that he was the one asking for it! – Anyways, after a lovely lunch we headed to the Spring Water, is the part where you can swim in warm water around the vulcan. It was so special! We got back to the boat, we both took a shower and got ready to watch the sunset from the boat. I wore the dress then :) he looked really nice himself too!

As soon as we sat down, I layed my head on his heart and I could feel it was beating a thousand miles per minute. Then, my head was spinning with so many thoughts, is this really going to happen? A sudden excitement came from inside me and translated in tears, which I wiped away… I didn’t want him to see it. We were talking about everything, from the first time we met to our plans and some other silly things we both have done together, it felt like there was nothing else in the world apart from us and the sun which was setting in the horizon. It was beautiful.

When the sun was about half hidden in the sea I got worried, for one lapse of second I thought it wasn’t going to happen anymore. He then stood up and asked me to come up so we could take a photo together. He then knee down and we both were in tears. He said: “Camila Carril de Oliveira, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”



I said: “Yes, yes, of course!”. We kissed, hugged, cried like babies and smiled all at the same time. It was so emotional it is beyond words! He did it so perfectly more than I ever could imagine.


Straight after we called both our parents and closest friends. The cutest thing is that he actually asked my dad via Skype his permission to marry me, and the best of all: in Portuguese! my brother wrote it on a piece of paper and he read it out to him.


I am so happy to share this beautiful story with you ladies and I can’t wait to read some more! You are more than welcomed to drop me an email too, and visit my blog here.

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