Cameron and Will

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On the beach at Pawleys Island, South Carolina

How We Met

I knew I was going to marry Will the first day we met. There was something about him that I recognized. Will and I are both originally from the same area. 4 years ago, I moved to Atlanta for law school and Will was there working. We learned of each other and began messaging my first night in Atlanta. We became friends on all social networks, but we never actually met in person. Two and a half years later, I randomly commented on Will’s Snapchat story, we began chatting, and he told me that he was living in Louisville, Kentucky now. I was a little disappointed as I was still in Atlanta and I had no idea he moved. The next day, my best friend and I began our trip to Cincinnati, Ohio for a weekend getaway. I told her about messaging Will and she reminded me that Louisville is close to Cincinnati, so I invited him out with us. He ended up being close by for graduation that same day, so he actually met up with us and we instantly hit it off. After that, we dated for almost two years of long distance. Overall, we moved a total of 4 times to be together.. going from 6 hours apart, to 4 hours apart, to 2 hours, and now finally zero! We are now both back close to home in East Tennessee, I graduated law school and moved back home, Will got relocated back to exactly where I am, he bought a house, I passed the bar, AND NOW WE ARE FINALLY ENGAGED!!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On the beach at Pawleys Island, South Carolina

How They Asked

Will kept telling me we should wait a year or two before getting engaged, so when we took our beach trip I had no expectations. We took his son, Whalen, for a week and my parents met us in the last two days. The day that my parents came, they talked about taking us somewhere fancy to eat on the beach.

So that night I fixed up for dinner and we began walking down the beach to the restaurant. As we were walking, Whalen gave me a bunch of shells. My mom said, let me take a picture of you all. That’s when Will got down on one knee behind me as I was bent down with Whalen!! Will said that he asked Whalen for help with the proposal beforehand and Whalen said, “I would but I have my own stuff to do, dad!” However, he unintentionally helped more than he planned to!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On the beach at Pawleys Island, South Carolina

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