Cameron and Noelle

How We Met

One of my closest friends at the time mentioned that this boy wanted to get to know me. She gave him my number and we started texting. I was not interested at first. I was 17 years old and a freshman at Morehead State University. We met on New Year’s Eve in a parking lot. I spent the last minutes of 2013 talking to this boy. Eventually, texting led to FaceTime calls. Minutes led to hours. He became my best friend in 1 short month.

He listened to me and cared about my values and respected my morals. I eventually became interested. On February 5, 2014, he asked me to be his girlfriend. At first, neither of us were dating to marry. Marriage sounded crazy!! He went to college in a whole different state and played football. Year after year went by and he still was my best friend, nothing changed. Distance made our relationship stronger. We made it through 3 years of distance. I watched him graduate college, shortly after he watched me graduate college.

how they asked

We decided to get professional pictures done. We’ve been together for a little over 4 years now; never gotten pictures done! We went shopping and bought new clothes. We went to 3 different locations. The last location was Jacobson Park in Lexington, Kentucky. I was so surprised how excited he had been acting and very photogenic. What boy likes to take pictures all day! We took a few pictures and it started to get late and a little chilly. I was under the impression that we were finished, little did I know… He grabbed my hand and said, “Did you think this day was only for pictures?”. I responded, “Yes, what else would I expect.” Cameron said, “ It is so much more than that.”

He got down on one knee and was smiling, never letting go of my hand. His eyes were locked on mine. I could not believe it! Finally, the man of my dreams was asking me to marry him! After a few words were said, He said “ Noelle Marie Meadows, will you marry me?”. Still in shock, I responded, “Are you serious! Really? Yes, of course. Yes”. March 3, 2018, I became his Fiancé.

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