Cameron and Mac

Cameron and Mac's Engagement in Valhalla, South Lake Tahoe, CA

How We Met

We met at a military ball, where I had gone with a friend of mine (jokingly wanting to find a husband!) my fiancé had gone alone and had gone with my friend and I in a group. I remember when he first got out of the car, I immediately thought to myself “WOW! He is SOOOOO cute!!!!” Almost like God saying “Here you go Cam!” After our initial meet, we spent the whole night talking, laughing and dancing! He ended up staying a few days more and we got to explore my hometown together and the rest is history!

How They Asked

2 years ago I was attending a military ball with a mutual friend. I had joked with my best friend that I HAD to go so I could meet my future husband! Little did I know that I actually would end up meeting the man I’m marrying fall of 2019!! Fast forward 2 years and 1 deployment later, my bestie friend had come to visit us and we all decided to go on a hike near Valhalla on Lake Tahoe. If you don’t know, Valhalla in Viking terms means “Heavenly Place”! We had found this beautiful open field with aspen trees in the background away from all the other tourists around and my fiancé had asked me to take a photo with him in front of the backdrop. My best friend was going to take the photo for us! I had looked away for a few seconds and when I had turned back around my fiancé was dropped to one knee and I immediately started laughing in disbelief at what was happening and told him to “Shut up!!” He then had asked me to marry him and of course I said “YES!!!” It was a complete surprise! We all cried happy tears afterwards and went to celebrate with drinks! I feel so blessed to have found the my soulmate God has paired me with in life! We plan on getting married in Valhalla at the Viking house a short distance from where we got engaged! Cheers!!

Special Thanks

Delise Loken
 | My best friend, now MOH, surprised me with a visit and knew about the whole proposal! She took our photos of the whole thing!