Cameron and Kiernan

How We Met

Kiernan is a sculptor. Cameron is a poet. They went to high school together in Richmond, Virginia but never spoke: he was too busy pole-vaulting and her nose remained stuck in a book.

Three years after college, they reconnected. Cameron had just ended her career as a reporter and finished in-patient treatment for an eating disorder. Kiernan was in the throes of finishing his MFA in sculpture and photography. After a month of dating long-distance, they knew it was real — the passionate conversations, the abiding support, the raucous arguments, their great love.

When Cameron began a graduate program in poetry at the University of Nebraska and started teaching English at the college, Kiernan followed her to Lincoln. Now they both teach at the university – Kiernan art and Cameron writing.

Image 1 of Cameron and Kiernan

how they asked

Two years after settling down in Lincoln and pursuing their careers in academia, Kiernan and Cameron packed up their bags and headed to the Sandhills of Nebraska to ring in the new year while winter camping (a favorite pastime).

Before sunrise the next morning, Kiernan dragged Cameron away from the warmth of the camp site. The two climbed one of Toadstool Geological Park’s highest snow-covered peaks, more moonscape than earthZ

On top of the bluff, at zero degrees, in the state where they’ve improbably made a home, Kiernan said “let’s do it.” And in truth they already have been “doing it” — the adventures, the stumbling around, the loving. Ah, and the beautiful emerald ring he gave her at sunrise is simply another way of saying yes to it all.

Happy New Year! We’re engaged!

Image 2 of Cameron and Kiernan

Image 3 of Cameron and Kiernan