Cameron and Kaitlyn

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sanford Stadium, Athens Ga

How We Met

The story of how we met shows God’s hand in bringing us together. I (Cameron) was working at Security Federal Bank, a local bank here in the CSRA, as a full-time teller. The particular branch I was working at on the south side of Aiken was open 7 days a week, which meant I had a weekday off during weeks it was my turn to work the weekend. Coincidentally, she (Kaitlyn) was working at another one of Security Federal’s 7 day branches in Evans as a part-time teller. We did not know each other even existed.

One day, I received an email from Ally, a former co-worker of mine at the South Side location who was now working at the Evans location. She was informing me that she had a coworker in Evans that she thought I should meet. After exchanging a few direct messages on Instagram, we both found out that we were off the following Tuesday and decided the three of us would go to lunch at T-Bonez in Evans.

Tuesday came and the four (Kaitlyn brought some emotional support in the form of her good friend, Nathan) of us went to lunch. We were both pretty shy towards each other at first, both thinking the other was uninterested. We talked very little at lunch. After it was time for Ally to return to work, we both headed home. It was raining that day. We had both planned to go to the pool at our respective apartment complexes, ironically both named The Haven, but the rain spoiled those plans. We texted a few times after getting home from the semi-awkward “blind date” lunch and found out that we both had nothing to do the rest of the day. My roommate, Daniel, and I were grilling out for dinner that evening, so I invited Kaitlyn to come over, not really thinking she would want to make that drive (considering I didn’t exactly knock our first meeting out of the park). To my pleasant surprise, she accepted my invitation and came to eat dinner with my roommate and I. I remember being pretty nervous when she got there, but once we started talking, I quickly became very comfortable with her.

Since then, I have spent a grand total of about 7 days apart from her and I wouldn’t change a thing. So many things had to go right for us to even be introduced. I had applied for several different positions that wouldn’t have had me off work on that same Tuesday, or even working for Security Federal to even know Ally in the first place to introduce Kaitlyn and I. Kaitlyn came to work at the bank by suggestion of one of her friends, Clayton, who also worked at the Evans location. During her interview, her previous experience at Chick-fil-A was said to have been a big reason she was hired, which is further evidence of how God had His hand in bringing us together. There is no doubt that the Lord brought us both to that place at that time for us to meet, and we sure are thankful.

how they asked

On September 15th, Cameron had the whole plan established. We are both huge Georgia Bulldog fans and had tickets to the night game against Middle Tennessee. This was a big deal to us because that meant for once, we wouldn’t have to sit through a scorching hot afternoon in beautiful Sanford Stadium. Due to Hurricane Florence, the 7:00 pm kick off was moved up to noon, but Cam didn’t let that ruin his plans.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sanford Stadium, Athens Ga

The morning of the game, we woke up excited to spend Saturday in Athens! Decked out in our Georgia jerseys, we were ready to hit the road. We made plans to meet up with our good friends, Daniel and Taylor, at the newly remodeled West End Zone at the stadium. Being the girl I am, I needed some pictures taken of us. Usually, Cam is not too willing to take pictures, but on this particular day, he was MORE than willing! I remember telling him that we needed to have more than one picture and him saying he was sure that we would have plenty. After a few photos were taken, I thought he went to get his phone back from his friend to take a look at the picture, but next thing I know, he is down on his knee asking me to marry him! I was in complete shock. My first words were, “Are you serious?!” and eventually “YES!”. Truly the best day of my life!!!

Sanford Stadium is such a special place to us and it was definitely the most perfect place he could have proposed at. We are looking forward to the day we are able to come back to that special place and share with our future children all about how our adventure started.