Cameron and Jesse

How We Met

Such a fun story! Jesse and I *technically* met on a blind date. But, here’s the kicker, it was set up by my mom (I know, horrifying). Here’s some background: My mom went to the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office one day to get a shot in her knee. Our family friend is her Orthopedic Surgeon, we’ve known him forever. Jesse was just hired to work there as their ATC (now he’s starting PA school). He met me with my mom when she got in the room before the doctor and she boldly introduced herself by saying, “do you have a girlfriend, you’re definitely what my daughter needs and she is single.” SO EMBARRASSING! Then, she proceeded to show him pictures of me and him all about me. Yikes. She gave him my number and the second she left the doctor’s office, she texted me saying “I found the man you’re going to marry today.” About a week later, Jesse texted me and asked if we could meet up for dinner and drinks. I had nothing to lose so we met at Hops Burger Bar for our first date. Even though we now admit that we both almost bailed last second, that night we sat and talked and laughed until they kicked us out of the restaurant after being there for almost 3 hours. But, when we left he did not even kiss me bye! So, I drove home straight to my mom and admitted that he was absolutely dreamy: smart, handsome and hilarious. I told my mom he probably was not even into me because he didn’t kiss me bye. However, he texted me right after asking if we could go to lunch the next day. Still no kiss, but he did eventually kiss me on our third date, like the gentleman he is. That was over 2 years ago, and we have been absolutely head over heels for each other ever since. I couldn’t say enough great things about Jesse, he’s amazing.

How They Asked

So, Jesse and I had almost been dating for 2 years the day he asked me. The past 2 years he has given me countless surprises. The grandest surprise was when I was studying abroad in the Netherlands and he somehow managed to fly across the world without me having a CLUE and give me the most incredible weekend surprise. But now back to the proposal. Jesse had planned for us to go get a Christmas Tree on Black Friday- but not just ANY tree, he wanted to cut our own tree. We both had final exams the next week, so we were going to go study for a few hours then go. I woke up, threw on some running leggings and was ready to go. He looked at me and said, “wow you look so dressed up, let me put on something nicer.” I was so confused because I looked horrible, so I obviously changed.

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I told him we were just going to get a tree so I wanted to look comfy. We went to study at a coffee shop and Jesse probably wrote 300 flashcards and didn’t speak or look up once. It was weird, but I am very gullible so I thought he was really prepared for his final exam. We went to the Christmas tree farm and walked around looking for my mom since she was supposed to help us pick one. Jesse was SO excited- I hadn’t seen him so excited in a while for something I thought was so small.

We walked to find my mom when Jesse saw this huge tree in the middle of the field that he wanted to look at. It was something his dad would have loved, he just passed away last May but he loved nature and trees. We went up to this tree and went around the back and the entire tree was decorated with DIY ornaments of our pictures and a timeline of our beautiful relationship. There were I love you ornaments and will you marry me ornaments.

I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it! SO shocked that I didn’t even hear him ask me to marry him and he was down on a knee for 30 seconds until I heard him jokingly say “I mean you can say no.” Obviously, I said yes, times a million. After that, all of our family and close friends came out from hiding and brought champagne and surprised me. It was so magical!

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