Cameron and Jake

How We Met

AHH! So what can I say. The way Jake proposed to me was more then I could have ever dreamed or imagined it would be. A little back story of Jake and I. We have been dating for four years and every year we always made it a tradition to film all of our adventures and all the things we did together (yes one included us getting our puppy Blakely, So y’all should definitely watch them haha) Anyway, Soo every year we always put together a film of about 4-5 min long just showing what we did that year and how we grow as a couple. Well knowing that was a tradition for us Jake knew that that had to be involved in how they asked me to be his forever (yes that’s cheesy but yes it’s true lol).

how they asked

So our anniversary was on July 4th and so each year we always go back to the place we first met and have a date night/weekend trip to reminisce on our life that we have built with each other since. Well this year was no different. We went back to our college town in Belton TX and decided to make a weekend trip out of it. We went to the lake, went to dinner, went to a local concert, all the things we usually did. But because this was a weekend trip we actually got there on that friday of June 30th and were gonna leave on that Sunday July 2nd. So everyday we spent in Belton was normal, until Saturday July 1st. It was raining literally ALL day! Seriously ALL DAY! and we both had planned to stay in our hotel bedroom and just sleep and watch movies all day. Well the storm passed around 5pm and Jake had the idea to go out to dinner since it was our last night in the town we love. So of course, I was hungry by this time haha and definitely was not gonna pass up an opportunity to go out one last time.

Proposal Ideas Belton, TX (On the Lake)

After a while we finally left for dinner and Jake wanted us to go watch the sunset before we did so. Jake and I have a favorite spot in Belton. It is right on the lake, on a cliff overlooking the entire lake, and no one goes there. It was always our place when we wanted to get away from the college crowd. So after a 20 min drive we start to pull up to the cliff and I see lights in the trees… I was really confused because I was thinking the entire time “oh crap, well I guess this place isn’t secret anymore, someone is having an event or something.” A little disappointed that our secret spot wasn’t so secret I then realized that no one was there.. Jake kinda looked at me with a smirk and I definitely was confused at this point. We pulled up even more and I started to see our photos being hung on the tree, candles literally everywhere, a couch set up with a rug placed under it, there were peonies every where and A HUGE projector screen set up right in front of the lake.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Belton, TX (On the Lake)

I was literally speechless. We finally parked and got out of the truck and Jake pulled me onto the couch and got a remote to press play… All of a sudden our movies that we made over the years were playing on the screen. I literally couldn’t contain my hysterical crying and laughing. We finally finished our movies and Jake asked me to stand up.. And for a split second I was thinking to myself “how did I get so lucky”. Jake got on one knee, told me all the crazy things about me and us and how he loves me more and more each day..” His hands were shaking and all I could do was get down on my knees and kiss him. I mean when your best friend just gives you the world, you can’t just stand there! I kissed him and just said “yes”. Out of no where I see all of our friends and family coming out of the forrest area and I have to say… That was the best day of my life.

Jake not only thought about me when wanting to propose but also wanted it to be special for the both of us. He later on was saying how nervous and worried he was because it had been raining all day that he didn’t think our family and friends could pull this off. But they got a generator, a huge truck, a screen, etc. I mean… I am still in shock by how lucky I am to have been shown so much love. Not only by this grand gesture but also by him daily. Best day of my life. Can’t wait to marry you Jacob Edward O’Neill! We are getting married on December 29, 2018!

Cameron and Jake's Engagement in Belton, TX (On the Lake)

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