Cameron and Daniel

How We Met

Dan accepted a job at Windyke Country Club as the Head Tennis Pro and moved to Memphis in October of 2015. At this time, Tasha, my momma, began taking lessons and clinics with Dan. Many Windyke tennis ladies told him that he needed to meet me, one stood out the most- Connie Lester. Connie told Dan that he needed to meet Cam because she was the girl for him. When I moved back to Memphis in August 2015, after graduating from UTK, I returned to the Windyke tennis scene. Connie introduced us- Dan quickly said hi but ran away to get back to his lessons. I didn’t have Dan’s number at the time so I looked him up on facebook and sent him a friend request. Dan first messaged me on Facebook about UTK’s football coach at the time, Butch Jones and how he was a Ferris State grad. We started checking in with each other daily through the Facebook messenger, and I began asking Dan to join me and my friends when they would go out. He always turned her down and blamed it on getting up early the next day for lessons.

I finally found an activity that got him interested- a Grizzlies game! Neither of us was really sure if our first date was a date or not- until towards the end of the game Dan asked if I wanted to go grab some food. We went to Olive Garden and neither of us ate a breadstick… we don’t have any idea how this happened to this day because let’s be honest.. bread! But it is a fun fact about our first date. We began hanging out and spending a lot of time together. The families meet, we played mixed doubles together (and dominated of course), started going to zoos all around, traveling together, and going on nature walks. We both fell for each other hard and fast- I told Dan that I loved him first (only by a few seconds). We lived in the same city for the first 2 years of our relationship but this last year we have spent it being long distance. We have gone through our trials and tests but have only grown closer together through it all. One thing I love most about Dan is the fact that he is so strong in his faith and that we pray together and go to church together. One thing Dan loves most about me is how genuine of a person she is.

how they asked

While I was back in Memphis visiting during a break from school, my momma asked if I wanted to see Connie (a close family friend and she is actually the woman that introduced Dan and I. She told him a year before we started dating that I was the girl for Dan). Anyways so the day we were supposed to go to Connie’s came- that morning Dan had told me he would be really busy at work and probably wouldn’t get to talk that much during the day. Little did I know he was flying to Memphis to surprise me! Well at about lunchtime Dan texted me and checked in but then sent me a text “just got off the plane”.

He tried to cover up his slip up by blaming it on autocorrect – I was not completely sold on that because plane and court are not on the same side of the keyboard. After I got Dan’s text I immediately freaked out and text some of my girlfriends. Lindsey (my best friend who was in on the whole thing) kept the secret from me while we have been hanging out this whole week. She tried to convince me that I was reading into things and that I shouldn’t stress out about it. Joanna (another best friend that actually had no clue what was going on) was texting me back and forth all day getting any new development that went on in my day.

She and I were not sold on Dan and Lindsey’s tactics to try and distract my mind. Little things kept adding up during the day making me think this might actually be happening. For example, I had stopped at my Daddio’s house to grab my jeans and makeup for the dinner plans I had made with my girlfriends. When I walked in my dad was sitting there in a button-down shirt when he is normally in a T-shirt because he works from home. So the time came when momma and I headed to Connie’s- who has a beautiful piece of land with a barn and horses (my fav). When we get there Connie’s neighbor Lauren is there. They say that she is here to practice for a photo shoot she has tomorrow and asked if I would be her model and walk one of the horses down to the lake so she can play with the lighting. So again things begin to build in my mind that this could really happen. We get the horse and walk down to the lake.

Once we are down there Connie states that she has to go to the bathroom and walks into the house. My mom then says that she left something that is for Connie in the car and she is gonna grab it while she is thinking about it. About this time I look up at the house and Dan is walking out. I immediately say “I knew it!!” and begin to cry! Once Dan reaches me he asks me “Are you sick of me yet?” and proceeds to read me the sweetest letter ever. He then gets down on one knee and asks me “Cameron Marie Kawell, Will you marry me?” I, of course, say yes! We then take a few pictures together and then my dad and brother walk out of the house as well. It was so PERFECT and we could NOT be happier to start this next step in our relationship.

Special Thanks

Lauren Pigford