Cameron and Carter

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How We Met

Carter and I met on the first day of 6th grade, in Mrs. Swaringen’s 2nd period social studies class. We didn’t start officially dating until January 3rd 2011, when Carter asked me out in front of the health hallway the first day back from Christmas break. At that time we were in 7th grade and just starting our oh-so-mature middle school relationship. We have been together ever since. Looking back it is crazy to think how we got started, at the ages of 13. We were just kids, and we pretty much still are. Just as we have grown older and more mature, so has our relationship and love for each other. I think that’s what makes us so special.

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how they asked

This past January 3rd, was our 5 year anniversary. Last year on our anniversary Carter took me on a surprise date to a nice restaurant and movie so when he told me we were going on another surprise date this year, it was nothing unusual. He told me to be ready around 4, so without questions I was. I got in the car and tried to get him to break and tell me what the plans were, but he wouldn’t budge. In the small town we live in, one of the main attractions is Downtown Concord, which is basically one street filled with shops and restraunts with beautiful historic houses lining each side. We headed towards downtown and pulled into a parking lot in front a gorgeous local garden. As we pulled in I saw my older sister Carson and cousin Cheyenne, who is a photographer, parked there waiting for us. Carter looked over at me and said “Surprise! We are giving you an anniversary photo shoot!” Only the plans did not go the way they had intended because the garden closed earlier than it was supposed to. So Carter improvised and said we could go to Union Street (the main street downtown) and take the pictures. We found a place to park and began walking towards the street. As we began walking, Carson said she had to make a phone call to my dad real quick and for us to go ahead. Little did I know she was really getting the ring out of Carters glove box that had been in front of me the whole time! Cheyenne began posing and snapping photos of Carter and I in a cute alleyway as we waited for her. Carson came walking towards us and said she needed to fix my scarf, and clueless me once again was completely oblivious to her slipping the ring in Carters shirt pocket. We continued taking pictures and then suddenly things got quiet and Carter took a step back from me, and as I turned around he was down on one knee. I immediately became a hot mess and started crying. I didn’t even say yes, I just nodded and continued to ugly cry. Cheyenne captured the moment perfectly. After I collected myself we had a mini engagement session throughout downtown, while we made phone calls and sent text messages between pictures. It was the perfect day, planned by the perfect guy.

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A lot of people question such a bold move in our relationship at such a young age, since we are only seniors in high school. We both think that age doesn’t validate a relationship. We both know what we want in life, and we both know that we couldn’t do any of those things without each other. Some people say, “okay, then why do you have to be engaged now? If you are so sure in your relationship then can’t you wait until later?” Our response is that, yes, because we are SO sure in our relationship then why would we wait? We have been perfectly made for each other and placed into each other lives by the grace of God. “Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.” Matthew 19:6 Our support from our family and friends has been incredible. While some doubt the decision the ones who have watched our relationship flourish and who know us, know that if anyone can do it, we can.

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