Cameron and Beth

How We Met

Before Cam and I were a couple we were housemates for all of about 8 days!

Our being together was not premeditated, it kind of just happened out of the blue and it was INTENSE and became very serious, very quickly. As you can imagine, a lot of people thought we were insane, starting a new relationship by living together but honestly every single day with him has been perfect.

how they asked

About 6 months after we got together, on June 1st 2017 Cam gave me jar with 365 ‘I love you’ notes;

One to read everyday, each detailing something different he loved about me.

The I love you’s ended on June 1st 2018 or so I thought. On June 2nd, Cam organised for one of my closest friends to invite me to a picnic to be a ‘model’ for her ‘photographer friend’. We arrived to a gorgeous set up and started taking a few photos.time!!!!

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Minutes later from behind me I heard ‘Hi baby,’ and I froze, it was Cam! I peaked behind me and he was on one knee! Of course it was an overwhelming yes! We kissed.

Cameron's Proposal in Perth Western Australia

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He then handed me a small brown envelope with the number 366 on the front – another I love you. I opened it to find it said ‘I love you because you said yes!’ He has been planning this for a year! And the craziest part is that little love note was in the jar the entire time!

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