Cambria and Boris


How We Met

We met my freshman year in college (Fall 2010), I was a cheerleader for Cal State Fullerton and we had a mutual friend that brought us together.  Our mutual friend Yvonne was also on the Cheer Team and she was in a sorority.  She was his “little sis” in the greek system.  One night after practice Yvonne asked me if I wanted to come over to her big bro’s dorm for dinner, she mentioned he was making pasta and would have wine and we can hang out there for a while.  At the time, I had a boyfriend who went to school out of state so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go over for some free dinner and there would be another girl over so it wouldn’t be awkward.  When I entered Boris’ dorm, he had a very clean, organized and well decorated place.  For a guy, he did a great job having a clean place and cooking what smelled like a very good meal.  Side Note:  my favorite type of food is Italian so he cooked my favorite meal without him knowing.  We walked in, he introduced himself briefly because he was checking on food and didn’t want anything to burn so he told us to take seat and he would be right over.  After a minute or so he came over and had a glass of red wine for Yvonne and I and one for himself and we gave cheers.  He then served us dinner, some pasta with red sauce and ground beef with texas toast on the side.  it was perfect!  Since that moment I would see Boris around campus on his skateboard with his ear buds in and he would always stop and turn around just to say hi and catch up.  He always seemed so interested in what I was saying and became a really good friend to talk to.

how they asked

Boris told me we were going wine tasting on Saturday.  Leading up to Saturday we went shopping because he wanted us to look good and better than everybody else there.  I had no idea how many people he actually invited, but he told me 3 other couples would be joining us.  I was supposed to get my hair done the following day on Sunday, but my hair girl changed the date on me to the weekend before, I didn’t know Boris had called her to make the arrangement so I could have my hair done by the wine day.  Friday, the night before the engagement, Boris convinced my best friend to take me to get my nails done and have a girls day.

Saturday November 19 (The Engagement):

we drove out in two cars, one boy car and one girls car.  Boris went up with our neighbor and his best friend and I went up with our neighbors girlfriend, my best friend, and best friends girlfriend.  When we arrived, a gentleman that worked at the winery approached us and let us know that the tasting room would be unavailable for the next 30 minutes because a wedding rehearsal was going to be happening and that he was going to allow us all to head to the members courtyard on the hotel side.  As he begins to walk us over, my best friend Lacey tells me she needs to go to the bathroom and that I need to come with her.  Weird right?  When we come out of the bathroom the gentleman is there waiting for us to escort us to the courtyard.  Lacey starts talking about Boris and how great he is and how she loves me and how much she treasures our relationship, getting mushy.  We walk into the courtyard and I see Boris standing at the end of the path and at this moment I knew or at least I think I knew what was going to happen next.

Boris starts talking to me and saying how much he loves me and that he will always take care of me and that God has brought us together for more than just be boyfriend and girlfriend, but to share a life together.  I start to cry and he digs into his jacket and pulls out the box, gets on one knee, and says “Cambria Danai Johnson, will you marry me?”


I am already screaming “YES, YES, YES”, comes up and kisses me and then the crowd goes wild.  Friends and family start coming down the stairs from both sides of the hotel and I am in shock of how many people he actually invited, 52 to be exact.  Needless to say, my parents, his parents and our closest friends watched us get engaged on the greatest day of my life.



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