Stephanie and Calvin

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How We Met

I met Calvin through mutual friends in June of 2013. We both had low expectations about being “fixed up” by our friends, but when we first met we hit it off instantly. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but right when I met him I knew he was different in a very special way. On our first date I caught him looking at me with these cartoon love eyes and I thought it was so cute. After our first date we spent hours and hours on the phone talking about our future plans and goals. From the outset he was very clear that he wanted to date for the purpose of marriage. I loved this because I knew that he was serious and thoughtful. Now a little over three years later, we are planning to get married and spend our lives together. I honestly couldn’t be happier :)

how they asked

On October 1, I got the surprise of a lifetime. I was planning on having brunch with a large group of friends at Sonoma Wine Gardens that day. That morning my best friends Jackie and Cecily came over so we could ride to brunch together. When we got to Santa Monica, we started walking down to the pier instead of to the restaurant so of course I started asking a billion questions. Jackie said we were on the pier to go to a gift shop to get a souvenir shirt for her mother-in-law. I believed that response and kept walking down the pier but then I started to get frustrated because the heels I wore kept falling into the cracks of the boardwalk. I sat down and my poor friends had to figure out how to get me to the gift store without giving the surprise away. Somehow they were able to do this despite all my questions (lol I love you guys).

When we got to the gift store my friends said let’s go take a picture and I was so concerned about not falling that I was watching my shoes the whole time and I did not realize that my friends and family were standing behind me. Soon after, I heard a group of people singing the song that a nearby band was playing (Single Ladies by Beyoncé) and I turned around to see about 60 people gathered behind me. When I looked into the crowd I saw friends and family from all over that had flown and drove in to witness my proposal and I was immediately overwhelmed with so much happiness and love. At that moment I knew exactly what was happening. The band played a couple more songs and I danced with my mom and dad (which completely brought me to tears) and then Calvin came out to Bruno Mars, Marry You. By this time a huge crowd of tourists had also gathered around us to watch the proposal.

Calvin and I stood in the middle of the crowd and before he proposal he looked me in the eyes and said that he would always love, protect and provide for me.

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Looking into his eyes and hearing his heartfelt words, I felt like it was just me and him standing there and together we could take on the world.

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A girl always fantasizes about her dream proposal, but this was better than anything I could have imagined.

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