Cally and Tanner

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Monohans Sandhills

How We Met

Tanner & I have grown up in a small West texas town, where everyone knows everyone. We have known each other for years as aquantances but Christmas night of 2013 was the night we took the step into a different relationship. Getting to know each other on a knew level for only a few days we felt so connected, Tanner asked me to be his girlfriend New Years night, January 1, 2014. Ever since that night we have been inseparable and I have fallen head over heals in love with him.

how they asked

A photographer from Dallas messaged me a few weeks ago asking if Tanner & I would model for her. I am a picture person, always have been & I am always dragging Tanner along to a photoshoot! Everything about the session was so perfect, white sand & a beautiful sunset! I said several times to Tanner, “This would be such a dreamy proposal here”. Towards the end of the session we were walking over Sandhills and I turned around to see if Tanner had caught up, the second I turned I saw him on one knee and my heart dropped. My dreamy proposal was real and the tears came falling down. The man of my dreams is on one knee asking me to marry him & I said YES!!

Special Thanks

Caitlyn Ciara Juarez
 | Photographer