Callie Jo and Logan

Image 1 of Callie Jo and LoganHow we met: HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL. His team traveled to my high school in February, 2011. Varsity girls played first and then varsity boys followed. My best friend and I were just shooting around and warming up for our game when his team walked in the gym. My best friend is good friends with one of the players on the opposing team and Logan (fiancé) just happened to be by him when he said, “whoa, I wonder who that is?” His friend told him who I was and then he added me on Facebook and the rest is history..

how they asked: I had no idea that March 14, 2015 would be one of the happiest days of my life. He took me out to eat dinner at a really nice restaurant that we had never tried before in Branson, MO. Both being college students that go to a work study school and have an off campus job makes going out for dinner real special all by itself. The food was delicious and we had so much fun just catching up withImage 2 of Callie Jo and Loganthe craziness of the week. He had told me that he was working earlier that day from 12:00pm-5:00pm, but what I did not know is that he actually wasn’t at work. He was at State Park which is on Table Rock Lake getting ready to ask me for my hand in marriage. He had some of his buds make a perfect fire and had got all of our family and closest friends there to share and celebrate this next step in our relationship!!!

We got in the car after dinner and I really wanted to go get some Starbucks and go back to College of the Ozarks to watch basketball (we hold the national tournament NAIA D-2 MBB). Logan said, “No, I think we should go hang out at state park just you and I for a change”. Could I really say no to that. ABSOLUTELY NOT. We pulled in and went to our usually spot which is right by the water. I immediately recognized a fire which he proceeded to tell me he had no idea how that got there. The sun was just setting making the lake shimmer in pink; it was so beautiful. Logan started talking about how great the past four years together been and also the challenges we had over came. Then, he put his hands on my shoulders to make me face him. He was quiet and shaking all over (this is when I knew it was coming). He got down on one knee grabbed my hand and said, “Callie Jo Shaver will you marry me?” I could not believe this was final happening. I put my other hand over my mouth in awe. When I said, “Heck Yes” he pulled my promise ring off my finer that he had put there 2 Christmas ago and replaced it with the most beautiful ring. We were beyond excited. As soon and he got up I jumped in his arms to gave him and hug and a kiss that I never wanted to end. He put me down and turn me around to see that my best friend Katie was hiding in the bushes capturing the moment and then I looked beyond the shore line and saw my family, his family, and all our friends coming up to celebrate with us. We roasted smore’s and hot dogs, laughed, cried, and cherished an unforgettable night. It was a proposal that surpassed all my dreams as a little girl.

Image 4 of Callie Jo and Logan Image 3 of Callie Jo and Logan

The date is set, December 19, 2015, and I am so ready to finally be Callie Jo St.Clair.