Callie and Ryan

Where to Propose in Garden Woodland Gardens

May 2, 2017 was Ryan and I’s two year anniversary. We had been planning on going on a date for a few weeks before then. On that day he picked me up and we went to Hot Springs to eat at Back Porch Grill. He was really antsy the whole time so I got suspicious it could happen but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Then he said we were going to a place we have been before but kind of haven’t been. I was confused but soon realized when we past the Garven Gardens exit. At that point I thought I was going to throw up because I was so nervous. Then we got there and he walked me to the Celebration Gardens that are right before the chapel. He had a big red gift bag that was carrying my “anniversary present” but really it was just the ring box. He read me a letter and got down on one knee.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Garden Woodland Gardens

Of course I said yes. I can’t wait to marry Ryan!

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