Callie and Richie

How We Met

I honestly couldn’t tell you the first time we met, but I can tell you the first time I saw her. She was walking the halls at our middle school. Callie was in 6th grade and I was in 5th grade. Her family had just moved into town and ohhhh man did I instantly have a crush on her. I was never good at talking to girls, I was overly shy, so I never had the nerve to talk to her. Her mom ended up being one of my 6th-grade teachers and Callie would sometimes come by when she got done with school to hang out. I remember being so shy and barely being able to muster up any words to say hi. As we went through school the next few years she always had a boyfriend and I would end up “talking” to some of her friends, none of them ever panned out.

Then high school came around and while we both were dating other people, there was still that feeling of “maybe one day” in the back of my mind. Her senior year I actually tried asking her out on a few dates, but that didn’t go so well. I even asked her to prom but she already had another date. Ironically, both of our moms have been close friends for years and both of our brothers grew up together, yet we still never hung out or talked. College came around and we ended up at schools that are a couple hours away from each other. She was in Kansas City and I was in Joplin. So, of course, I lose all hope and pursue other opportunities.

Then one day I get a text from Callie asking if I was seeing anybody:D….turns out, she was just trying to set me up with one of her softball friends that was coming into town ☹ It wasn’t until the summer after my freshman year of college that she finally came to her senses and gave me a shot with a little help from our moms. We talked and hung out all summer long. And although we were a couple hours apart, we made it work. I made my way towards Kansas City after a couple years at my junior college and finished school. We both got jobs in Kansas City and she ended up being a high school history teacher.

how they asked

I knew I wanted to propose soon, but I wasn’t sure how. It took me dang near two months to figure out how I wanted to propose. And with a little help from her roommates and our moms, I came to the decision to propose at the World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial here in Kansas City. Perfect excuse to take a history teacher out on a date to a museum, right? My mom gave me the idea to build a double-sided easel sign.

With one side having, “Our History”, on it with a timeline of our lives together. It had a bunch of sweet and funny lines that pertained to our relationship and the other side had, “Will You Marry Me?”. Her roommates helped get both of our families up to KC and had them set up the sign outside of the memorial. The timing had to be just right, as our photographer, Mikaela Wendel, was finishing up with a client right at 4:30. Thankfully all was going to plan. We made it outside and I lured her to the sign, making her think it was part of the museum. She didn’t even notice Mikaela taking pictures the whole time. Our families were hiding behind cars; I popped the question, and SHE SAID YES!!! It was perfect! (And she loved the ring too).

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