Callie and Paul's Adorable Proposal in San Diego

Adorable Proposal in San Diego

How we met: I was a Midwestern girl wanna be Californian and had freshly relocated to San Diego from San Francisco. Paul was a 11 year San Diego Real Estate Broker with a Tinder profile that I just couldn’t turn down. Needless to say being that I was anxious to make new friends (and perhaps hoping to score a nice dinner date in a new city) I swiped right.

Things went from an opening line to endless texting to a first date in a matter of a few weeks. I think we both knew even before we met that something about eachother was different. I had never met someone that could keep up with my witt (and more importantly odd sense of humor) as much as him. He didn’t even get scared away when I sent him a fruit basket to his work as a joke the morning of our first date.

Our first date was one of the best nights of my life as I realized I had met someone that instantly just got me. I know there is that saying “when you know you know”… and I’ll have to admit it’s 100% true. Anyone who wants proof could resort in me digging up an old email I sent my mom once I got home that night. It just may have read ….”Mom, this sounds crazy but I think I just met the man I’m going to marry.”

A year and a half later, it’s true! Drum roll for the big kicker, I really will┬áTRULY now be a California girl, my new initials after the big day will read C.A,, how perfect is that?!

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how they asked: Before Paul and I moved in together, he used to live in Solana Beach. Solana Beach is home to the gorgeous Fletcher Cove where we dubbed the self proclaimed nicknames “wolf & moon”.

We found ourselves at Fletcher all the time whether it was for surfing, pretending we were merpeople, or sunbathing till there was no more light in the sky. After numerous proposal idea sessions amongst his friends, Paul landed on the idea of popping the question at the cove. With Fiesta Del Sol around the corner (a local music & art festival) it made the perfect excuse to cruise from our home downtown to our once old stomping grounds. We met up with friends, had a few cocktails, cruised the vendors and then went to check out the surf. To aid as a distraction while our friends stood back and began filming, Paul’s best friend called as we were standing on top of the cove.

Adorable Proposal in San Diego

He asked some random questions and then ended the phone call with “Callie I want you to know Paul is all yours”.

Paul then dropped to his knee gave a speech and stated “If I’m a wolf….then you’re the only moon I want to howl at.”

He then presented the most stunning ring I’ve ever seen. I wanted to shout from the cliff tops “YASSSSS!!!!!” but all I managed through the sobbing was a faint pipsqueak “yes”.

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Couldn’t be happier to be marrying my best friend, my soulmate, my everything.

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Photos taken by: Nathan August Reed