Callie and Daniel

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Gardner Webb football field

How We Met

We originally met over Instagram. We both were attending Gardner Webb. I followed him, he followed back and liked a few of my pictures so I did the same. He sent me a message and I could immediately tell something was different. But all of my friends were so against it and said I should not go meet him because the football players have a really bad reputation at the school. I am normally very cautious and shy but something just kept telling me to go. So I snuck out and lied to my roomies about where I was going. We watched the grinch and talked until 2 am. We hung out pretty much every night after that and fell in love very quickly. We both later admitted that we had both been going through tough times and we had both started praying to God for someone to turn their lives around and it seems God did just that.

How They Asked

It was the last game of the 2018 season when Daniel decided he wanted to propose at the last home game of the next season because I always get butterflies and get so excited when I see him coming out of the locker room in his uniform after games. Over the summer of 2019, his mother gave him his grandma’s ring to use (Daniel knew I would love it because I love meaningful items and family). He used the diamonds but got it remade into a style he knew I would love. He called my father to get his permission (while my dad was in a meeting). My dad knew when he saw Daniel’s number pop up what it was so he stepped out of the meeting and gladly gave him his blessing. Before the games I always tailgate and I noticed my dad had brought a lot of champagne for the tailgate which he said was just for mimosas and I just took him for his word.

After the game, I had already told Daniel I wanted pictures on the field since it was the last home game so we headed down and we took our normal picture and then he said: “do you want to try a different pose?” I really did because all of our pictures look the same so I said yes. I thought he was adjusting his shirt for the picture but really he was digging the ring out of his pants. I saw him getting down and didn’t know what was going on until I saw the ring! I was so shocked all I said was “are you serious”?! And my mom easily got it on camera because she was already there to take our pictures after the game. It was perfect and I really didn’t see it coming because he kept saying he got me something special for Christmas so if anything I thought it would be then!

Callie's Proposal in Gardner Webb football field