Callie and Chris

how we met

I was a trainer at a fitness studio, Tone House, and Chris worked in finance. Every year Chris participated in the D10, a fitness competition raising money for pediatric cancer, and as part of their training they took class once a week at Tone House. I was the trainer and he was the client. One day he walked out said “bye Callie” then a minute later he walked back in an asked me on a date.

how they asked

Huge surprise! He told my family last December it wouldn’t happen any earlier than a year from then. So I was thinking early 2020.My best friend Paige (who also has the same last name as Chris haha) said she was going on a blonde date and needed a wing couple- Chris was super pumped and wanted to go so I said OKAY! It was a Saturday so I worked in the am and then went back home to Brooklyn. Chris was home when I got home and then he said he had to go to work- he has weird hours so this was nothing out of the ordinary. My friend Paige came over to get ready with me because she was so nervous for her date! We got ready and she kept telling me I should curl my hair and change my dress and in my head I’m like this is your date not mine! Haha before we leave I’m like wait where is Chris, I text him and he said he would meet us there. Typical- he’s bad with time management. We get to 1 hotel and there is a line to go up tot he roof asking for cover charge and Paige says oh we dont have to pay that. I was confused but went with it! We go to hostess and Paige says “hi I’m Paige Howell” the lady stops the whole line and walks us up (she didn’t do this with anyone else) we walk up the stairs and Paige is holding my hand shaking and I’m like girl you’re fine. We walk passed the bar and I’m tall to I see Chris there and his head popping out with no one around him. My stomach completely dropped, the music changed and as I walk through a sea of people I see Chris standing with our friends and family behind him.

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