Callie and Billy

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At my parents house

How We Met

We were introduced High School by his brother. As soon as I caught onto his sense of humor and outgoing personality, I fell in love. Our relationship was put to the test after we graduated and Billy moved to the mid-west to play hockey for the USHL. A month after moving back home, on our 9 year anniversary, he asked me to marry him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my parents house

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At my parents house

Where to Propose in At my parents house

Callie and Billy's Engagement in At my parents house

how they asked

It was our 9 year anniversary and we had plans to go out to dinner. Naturally, I got out of work two hours late and was driving through a snowstorm to get home. I only had 20 minutes to shower and get ready and didn’t see what the big rush was. At dinner, I noticed he was hardly eating and getting up a lot, but didn’t let my mind wander too much. We were on our way to grab some drinks downtown when he suggested we stop in and see my parents. As we walked up to their house, everything appeared normal. But as we walked into the house I slowly realized it was full of all our family members. He led me to the fireplace in the living room where everyone had gathered around (including the photographer my best friend had hired to be there.) This is about the time I noticed his brother crying in the corner and realized things were about to go down. He professed his love to me…and our dog…and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

After a few minutes of celebration and champagne popping, I was able to see the beautiful ring he had given me, starring my Grandmothers diamond in the middle.

Special Thanks

Analog Wedding
Engagement Photographer
Makeup By Sarah Lord
She hired and paid for a photographer to be there
Hair by Isabel | 
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