Calley and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met in the summer of 2015. Our first date consisted of meeting up at the local beach with our dogs (three between the two of us) letting them run around and then walking to the local brewery and then out to pizza. What I enjoyed most about our first date was how I right off the bat I felt so comfortable with him and through our conversation we found we had so many coincidental things in common. For example, Andrew lived a few houses down from me years ago before I was there, his mom and went to the same college, his oldest sister and I have the same birthday, etc.

how they asked

Andrew proposed to me out on Lake Minnetonka while we were fishing. He told me I was going to put the trolling motor in this time.

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As I was struggling to do that, he had ample time to take out some champagne and of course the ring so when I turned around there he was and I blacked out and forget how the rest went so I was so happy to find out later that day he had the whole thing captured.

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The blog post that our photographer (and my best friend) posted probably tells the story better than I can.

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Special Thanks

Trina Severson