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How We Met

Nick and I met when we were 16 and Juniors in high school. We went to rival schools, but two of our friends knew each other. Omar, my friend, approached me at lunch one day saying that someone he knew at another high school saw my picture on Myspace (yes, Myspace), and wanted to know if Omar could give him my number. So, I checked this kid out, thought he was super cute and gave Omar the OK. This was the story for two years at least. I was repeating this story to someone a couple of years later when Nick interrupted me, laughing, saying “Uh, that’s not how that happened.” Nick explained that after he had broken up with his ex, my friend Omar had compiled list of all of the eligible single girls at our high school. I was first on the list. Nick tried to break up with me a couple of months into our relationship. I cried on my mom’s shoulder that weekend, absolutely devastated. She tried to remind me that I was only a Junior in high school and that there would be others. Despite her efforts, I kept repeating, “But he was different!” And he was.

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how they asked

Nick and I were thinking about what to do for our 9 year anniversary weekend when I suggested St. Augustine, one of my favorite cities. Nick had been thinking about how he was going to get me to a nice location without me being suspicious, so as soon as I suggested the trip, he began planning. With the help of our friends he reserved the gardens of the Lightner Museum. It’s this cute little courtyard garden with a fish pond and a bridge, located right in the middle of one of St. Augustine’s prettiest buildings. This was the perfect spot because two days after he reserved it, I told him that one of the places I wanted to check out was… the Lightner Museum garden.

He couldn’t believe it. He had already told me about a surprise that he booked for us (the surprise was really his way of leading me to the garden without me knowing), so the surprise had to be “cancelled” because I had just walked right into his plans, or kinda unknowingly helped organize my own proposal. When we walked through the entrance of the building towards the courtyard I noticed two things: a room set up like a reception, and a photographer. I thought that these two things were related and that a wedding must be happening that day.

When we walked up to the garden entrance and it was roped off, I thought it was for the wedding and suggested we come back another time. Nick then stepped over the rope and said, “It’s ok. I reserved the garden.” Being the rule-adhering person I am and knowing how Nick jokes, I laughed and said no. I thought he was just trying to make sure I didn’t miss the place that I wanted to see. After going back and fourth about this a couple of times, Nick grabbed my hands, his shaking, and said, “Calla. I’m dead serious. I reserved the garden.”

My heart began to race, I could tell he was serious and I knew what that meant. I realized that the photographer was for us (something I always said I wanted) and that after 9 years of waiting, this moment was finally happening. Nick led me to the top of the bridge and got on one knee. Neither of us really remember what he said exactly but we both remember it ended with, “I love you. Let’s do this!” It was everything I wanted, and was so worth the wait. Our photographer was amazing and met us later that day to take engagement photos around the Castillo de San Marcos.

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