Calissa and Will

Image 1 of Calissa and WillHow We Met: In September of last year, my friends told my sister and I of an aspiring country singer who was at a local bar. We all decided to check it out. In the midst of the music my best friend introduced me to Will… She said, “Callie this is Will, he’s a pig farmer.” My initial thought was “that’s interesting”. We said hello and kept going on with our night. Later on, we sat at the bar and talked. He told me where he lived and to my surprise it was only a couple miles from my parents’ house. As the conversation continued we realized we had lived a couple miles from each other and yet never met. From that night on, we talked every day.

Image 2 of Calissa and Will

how they asked: On December 20th 2014, Will and I went to a friends Christmas party. I invited my parents and when we arrived we sat down to eat. Will told me he had to run to the truck and I didn’t think anything of it. A couple minutes later his friend called me over and I walked over to the opposite side of the room. When I got there, his friend opened this curtain where below Will was on one knee where four foot tall letters in Christmas lights said “WILL U MARRY ME”.. I immediately began to cry and walked outside down the stairs to my future husband. He asked and I of course said YES! It was by far the best night of my life.