Calesha and Antonio

How We Met

It all started the evening of October 8th, 2011, walking the campus of Morgan State University. It was homecoming!!!!! I attended MSU and initially was not going to attend homecoming but at the last minute my cousin and I decided to go. Most homecoming festivities were over by the time we got on the campus that night, but we decided to walk around the campus for a few. My cousin was approached by Antonio’s frat brother and as they talked Keivon and I started to have small talk. We realized we had a few things in common such as both working in the education field, at the end of the conversation we exchanged numbers and met for our first group date that following weekend!

How They Asked

Antonio randomly suggested for us to go for a walk on Morgan’s campus that day. I thought this was rather odd for two reasons, 1). It’s March and cold outside and I hate the cold and 2) he’s never been the let’s go for a random walk type of guy lol. We get to the campus and began walking until Keivon asked a stranger to take a family picture of us (our daughter was with us), while smiling for the family photo, he got on bended knee, and ask the question, I said yes, and our next journey began.