Caleigh and Seth

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How We Met

We met in college at a party unintentionally through some mutual friends. Over the next few weeks over conversations became more frequent, until we finally hung out in person. We have been inseparable ever since, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

There were small details leading up to the day, but the story starts when my mom tells me we’re having a “family photoshoot later in the day” in the middle of my best friend’s kitchen while we are prepping for her Bridal Shower happening in 1 hour. This was odd for a few reasons – 1) we usually have photoshoots when extended family is in town, which there was none at that point in time, and 2) we usually color coordinate our shoots, however, this one was just “whatever we felt like wearing”. So, it was a little off to start, but there were desserts to organize, hand sanitizer to set out, and a million other things to do for the shower so I put it to the side of my mind.

Later in the afternoon, right when exhaustion from the day is creeping in, it was time to get ready for the family photoshoot. At this point in the day, my now fiance (spoiler alert, I said yes) Seth had barely communicated with me. I had traveled back to my hometown in GA for my best friend’s Bridal Shower, and Seth stayed back in NJ to work and take care of our cat. I was so busy during the day that I had hardly noticed the lack of communication, however, it didn’t keep me from speculating on my best friend. By speculate, I mean to tell the proposal plan word for word. But that was for me to muster over in oblivion and her to sweat about spoiling.

After makeup/hair freshening and meticulous outfit planning with my mom (for just a “normal photoshoot”??), my suspicions kept rising. Even more so on the way to the beautiful Sea Island Resort where our photoshoot was. My mom kept stalling and saying my dad was still on his way so we had time to kill. Once we were able to go to the Beach Club area of the resort, my mom and my aunt, who we picked up along the way, were still stalling a bit as we approached the main lobby. As we were checking in at the front desk, I felt a woman’s eyes dead set on me. When we approached the main lobby area, she asked who I was and if I could follow her. If the encounter wasn’t a dead giveaway, the look on my mom’s face as I handed her my purse and mask was. My heart rate was certainly increasing as the woman, who worked at the resort for the Wedding team, led me through the courtyard towards the ocean. At the end of the path, she pointed me in the direction to go which is a few steps revealed my handsome man waiting for me.

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Because of the excitement and not seeing him in quite a few days, I ran to Seth to give him the biggest hug. He took my hands and started telling me about all the ways our life, relationship, and future felt whole. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes! His words I will never forget! He slipped the most perfect ring on my finger and after a few moments of celebrating together, he waved towards the building to reveal my family, some of our closest friends, and his mom emerging with roses and champagne. To see his mom and our friends in attendance was certainly one of the more special surprises of the day. Especially to confess how incredibly impressed I was to not have one detail spoiled from my best friend or my mom who had known for over a month of the whole plan. Once the team of photographers secretly emerged from the bushes, we moved to a ‘straight-out-of-The-Bachelor’ date set up with couches and drinks ready for us. Seth and I continued our proposal photoshoot (there was a photoshoot after all!) on the beach basked in such a daze of happiness.

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The day was so incredibly special, to begin with, but hearing of all the small details Seth had planned made it that much more special. How my friends and loved ones went all that time without spilling a single thing still baffles me! I am so thankful for our story and future together!

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