Caleigh and Bryan

How We Met

The day I met Bryan I was wearing a black jumpsuit and he was wearing a blue suit. We met at a wedding. I am childhood friends with the bride and he was fraternity brothers with the groom. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous on the coast of California. We first noticed each other while going to refresh our drinks at the bar.

My story is – I turned around to leave the bar and head back onto the dance floor when he said hello to me.

His story – I was the one who approached him. Either way we began talking and getting to know each other by sharing our careers with one another, our place of residence, and our hobbies.

After a few minutes we both returned to our friends on the dance floor. As the end of the wedding approached he walked up to me and pulled me into him to dance. Afterward he asked me to go out to bars with him and his friends. I responded I would ask my friends if they wanted to join and if so I would. Luckily both our friends were happy to go out together.

As the group walked down pch in Laguna Beach to continue the fun night together, Bryan and I never left each other’s sides. We danced more together, laughed, and shared more about each of our lives. While out we stopped for a bonfire. I had caught the bouquet at the wedding. After being at the bonfire my girlfriends and I went to eat. I accidentally left the bouquet at the bonfire that Bryan was still at. I searched through my instagram for someone who started following my in the last few hours and finally found him. I direct messaged him to return the flowers back and after that he texted me every day for over a month before he flew across the country to visit me.

Where to Propose in Montara Beach, Ca

how they asked

Bryan and I have been talking about marriage since the first day we met. The moment he dropped off the bouquet to me after our friend’s wedding his words were, “We will be telling our friends this story at our wedding”. On our first date I had the servers sing him happy birthday and I playfully inserted “future husband” instead of his name.

Our playful marriage conversations turned more serious within the first few months of dating. But something changed two weeks before the proposal. Bryan started to ask me if I would marry him all throughout the day, telling me how much he loves me, he began to say things like “well when we’re engaged in a few days…opps I mean weeks or months”, and he even went so far as to accidentally call me his wife over the phone and out to dinner. The feeling that made the proposal seem more real is when he asked each of my family members for my hand in marriage.

He proposed on August 26, 2017. We rent a convertible car and strapped doggles on our dog. We drove from our home in San Francisco down the coast to Santa Cruz. Enjoyed singing together to music in the car, laughed, and snuck in kisses whenever possible. After hitting pleasure point in Santa Cruz we turned around and headed back North to Half Moon Bay. We have a favorite restaurant on the beach there. I knew that we had dinner reservations and thought maybe he would propose there since it hadn’t happened all day. As we pulled into the parking lot there was a huge fog covering the shore that made the weather extremely cold; but Bryan insisted we still go down to the beach. As our feet touched the wet sand, he looked me in the eyes and promised to devote his life and love to me.

As we held each other and kissed, my family, best friends, and his best friend ran with champagne down the beach to us. We all enjoyed dinner together and made toasts as an engaged couple together for the first time.

Caleigh and Bryan's Engagement in Montara Beach, Ca

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