Caleena and Matthew

Caleena's Proposal in Franca Food & Wine, Boulder, Colorado

How We Met

We met outside of Starbucks in Boulder, Colorado after having spent a few months emailing and talking and getting to know each other. I was living in Texas and he was in Colorado. We had matched online, and from the first moment we started talking, there was this instant connection. Matt is witty and would make me laugh with his various stories. We talked almost daily for a few months before meeting in person. The day we met, I was finishing up some work. I walked out of the Starbucks, coffee in hand, and he was sitting on a bench waiting for me. I was nervous and excited. The moment we met, we hugged and laughed and knew this was the beginning of something wonderful. We hung out over that weekend and within a few days of me leaving, Matt had booked a flight to visit me in Texas.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Franca Food & Wine, Boulder, Colorado

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Franca Food & Wine, Boulder, Colorado

how they asked

Matt proposed on his dad’s 70th birthday. I had been busy all morning and was preparing for an upcoming trial. Matt told me he wanted to take me out somewhere nice because we had not been on a date in a while (we had visitors in town the last few weeks) and I had been working really hard. He picked me up and we grabbed some drinks at Emmerson in downtown Boulder on Pearl Street. From there, we walked over to Frasca Food & Wine, the restaurant I had taken him for his birthday when I first moved to Colorado. The hostess informed us that our table was not ready, so asked if we wanted to see the kitchen. I thought that was a little odd, but it was a nice restaurant and sometimes the service is quite over the top. We walked into the kitchen and there was a table in there with people, so I dismissed the “odd” thought. They gave us a glass of champagne and we waited for a few minutes. We were seated at our table, enjoyed a bottle of wine picked out for us, and had a wonderful 4-course meal.

Right before dessert, Matt got up from the table. He came back and asked me to stand up. I think my face went completely white. I asked him if he was serious because I knew what was coming. I slowly stood up. Matt looked at me, put his arms around my waist, and said, “I have loved you since the first day I met you and I will love you forever.” He got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. The entire restaurant went silent. As soon as I said yes, everyone applauded.

We kissed and I cried. We sat down with the biggest smiles. The restaurant brought us dessert and champagne and we just reveled in that moment. He told me the ring belong to his grandmother, the only one he knew growing up. The moment was so special. As we finished up at the restaurant, our lovely server informed us that the kindest stranger paid for our dinner. The generosity of that person will be a special memory for us forever. This night was unbelievably special and truly unforgettable.

Special Thanks

Frasca Food & Wine