Caleb and Sheree

How We Met

Sheree and I are college sweethearts. We met our senior year during homecoming because our fraternity and sorority were practicing for a big dance competition together. We had tons of mutual friends at the time, but our friend Kelli played the biggest role in setting us up. One dance practice I was sitting next to Kelli, critiquing the dancer’s moves, when Sheree walked up and started complaining about a nasty bug bite she had on her leg. Kelli immediately referred her to me, explaining that I was about to graduate from nursing school. Sheree showed me the bites, and I told her she should just go see a doctor, and that I could not do much for them other than home remedies she had already tried. We continued to chat about the dance among other things, but little did we know that over the next month our friends would work really hard to set us up on a date. We laugh hysterically thinking that our first conversation was over bug bites! Sheree and I were fresh out of not-so-great relationships, and we were not looking to get back into one anytime soon.

Our friends had other plans. Kelli, along with Stephen and Lindsey, decided to throw a “half-birthday” party at their apartment and invite Sheree and I, so that we could hang out and hit it off. That night I was so nervous, sitting on the kitchen floor of Lindsey’s apartment while my friends gave me a pep talk. Sheree also apparently knew this was just a disguise for a set-up party instead of a birthday party, so it was awkward for everyone. My friends told me that Sheree was totally into me, and I couldn’t believe it! She was beautiful, kind, and the president of a huge sorority on campus, AKA, out of my league! Sheree arrived at the party, and sure enough, just like our friends knew we would, we hit it off. We played games, drove up a mountain with all our friends packed in the back seat, made a gingerbread house, rolled cars with toilet paper, etc. We had a blast.

I ended up getting Sheree’s number because Kelli took a picture with Sheree on my phone, and I sent it to her. We continued to talk and I planned a first date, but Sheree backed out 2 hours before we were suppose to go. I thought it was just too good to be true, and maybe the whole love at first site thing really wasn’t true. Sheree agreed to go on a date with me later on that same week, and she even accidentally met my entire family at my graduation! Coincidence or meant-to-be? The next few weeks we continued to go on dates and essentially spent 2 weeks together non-stop during Christmas break, and we’ve been together ever since! Our relationship has been an adventure from the beginning. We love to hike, catch a good sunset together, and travel and explore new cities. We have fun no matter what we are doing, as long as we are doing it together!

how they asked

Sheree and I had been dating a year and a half when I proposed. We had talked about marriage multiple times, and I knew she was the one for me. Since our friends played a huge role in setting us up, I wanted to include them in our proposal. I had been planning this night for a month, and I was quite difficult to keep my elaborate plan from Sheree. I asked Sheree that Friday if she wanted to go on a date night with me, so our course she asked where we were going. I told her we could go eat at an Italian restaurant in town, somewhere we could get dressed up and look nice. Sheree thought this was odd because usually we like to stay in and cook or get take out. I picked her up from her apartment, and she looked beautiful, of course. She was wearing a white romper, ironic since we were about to get engaged. We drove to a different Italian restaurant, much nicer than the one that she thought we were going to. Sheree loves Italian food because she studied abroad last year for a summer in Italy. We had a very nice, candlelit dinner, and I told her I would take her to get ice cream afterwards. When we left the restaurant, I called my friend Manuel, who was waiting for us outside. He pulled up next to us, and I opened the back door for Sheree, motioning her to get in. Sheree was hesitant and very confused by this since our car was parked down the street. She got in, and then I told her I would be right back. When I came back, I kissed her on the cheek, telling her I loved her, and then shut the door. Manuel drove away, and all I see are Sheree’s hand fly up in the air. She was still quite confused at what was happening. I planned a trip around the city for Sheree to important milestones in our relationship, and Manuel was her personal chauffeur. He dressed up in a suit and played all of our favorite songs while driving her from place to place.

At each stop, one or two of our close friends were there to read her a hand-written letter from me, telling memories about that place and why it was important in our relationship. She went to were we met, where we shared our first kiss, a parking lot outside her old apartment where I realized that I loved her, etc.

The last stop was a hiking trail leading to a gorgeous overlook of the city. My friend Stephen led her up the trail, reading her a letter about our love for nature, hiking, and sunsets. I stood at the overlook as her last stop, where I read her Proverbs 31 from my Bible, and then proposed.

We both cried, laughed, and cried from laughing because I tried to put the ring on the wrong hand because I was so nervous.

After soaking in the moment and watching the sunset, we went across town to a wine tasting room where Sheree and I went on our first Valentine’s day. We walked into a party with 50 of our closest friends and family to celebrate our love. It was an perfect night, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with her!

Special Thanks

Payton Pitts
Manuel Duron