Caleb and Margalit

How They Asked

We live in New York, but Margalit was in traveling to Israel for one of her best friend’s weddings. I had told her I wasn’t able to make the trip. Ultimately I decided to surprise her in Jerusalem the day after the wedding. I coordinated with her aunt to get her to a scenic overlook of the Old City. She thought she was going to a gallery opening. When she stood up to take a panorama picture, I came up behind her and asked if she was getting a good shot? She was shocked to see me, and I wasted no time popping the question.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Jerusalem, Israel

Proposal Ideas Jerusalem, Israel

We had been dating two years when we got Engaged, but we had met on a summer trip to Israel 10 years ago. I remember meeting her, but her memory of the encounter is a little foggy. Anyway, when I popped the question I said, “since you don’t remember meeting me here, I came back with a photographer so you’ll always remember that we got engaged here”.

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