Caleb and Ilana

How We Met

Caleb and Ilana met in January 2016. Caleb was in a Jeep club with Ilana’s friend and he came over to Ilana’s apartment the night that he got his first tattoo. Ilana caught Caleb’s eye instantly, with her unique beauty, but it took Ilana a bit longer to decide whether she wanted to give him a chance (still feeling hurt from a previous relationship). Their first “date” was at a rave (lol!) on Valentine’s Day. They danced the night away together and became close, causing Ilana to melt towards the idea of love. Over time, Caleb wooed her with green tea smoothies (her weakness) and romantic candle-lit dinner dates. Once Ilana came around to the idea that she was ready to date again (finally!), Caleb helped Ilana move and the two became inseparable. They spent countless hours watching old movies, cooking together, until they were hit with some worrisome news.

How They Asked

Caleb was set to deploy with the United States Army that following September. Before he left for deployment, Caleb took Ilana out to his grandparents’ farm for a picnic under the stars. He pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. She was elated, and even though she never thought she would end up being a military spouse, their relationship weathered absentee holidays, Facetime calls, and care packages. With 1608 miles between them, their relationship grew stronger every day. Once he returned to the States, they decided to immediately take their engagement photos at Big Bend National Park. They are both native Texans and love the dusty, rocky, beauty that Big Bend has to offer. It was symbolic to their relationship because no matter how big of a mountain they have to come across, they will always come out on top with each other.


Special Thanks

Candice Dawn Photography
 | Photographer
Big Bend National Park
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