Caleb and Cydney

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How We Met

Caleb and I spent the summer in California. He started working full time as I was interning at Pepperdine in beautiful Malibu, CA. We were about 1.5 hours away but got to see each other on the weekends. Once I completed my internship, I was staying with his sister Bri until it was time for me to ship back to Ohio to finish up my grad degree.

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how they asked

On my last weekend in California, we decided to go out to breakfast to celebrate. Little did I know that my mom would be joining us! “Wow Cydney, how did you not know that he was going to propose at that point!?” I was doing my best to not get my hopes up. Plus he told me that my mom flew out so that I didn’t have to fly home alone (which I was so scared to do). I accepted that as an answer and we went on with our day.

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Caleb had the idea to show my mom around my summer home of Pepperdine and Malibu so we made the drive up! We drove around the campus and took some photos! I was thinking nothing about the day other than showing my mom a little bit of what I did all summer.

Our next stop was the Adamson House which is a historic house in Malibu, a frequent stop for formal photos for Pepp Greek life. When we got there, there was a wedding happening on one of their lawns, so we were told we couldn’t access much of the property. Nick and Bri worked their magic (without me knowing) in order to get us to where Caleb was going to pop the question.

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Again, we were just taking some photos. Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE to take photos and lots of them. Caleb and I were up to take some photos when I was trying to talk to his cousin. Caleb was standing behind me trying to get my attention. To my surprise, when I turned around, he was on one knee and I immediately started crying.

I kept repeating “this isn’t real.” Boy, oh boy! It is real and I’m in awe of how thoughtful this man is to fill the perfect day with my mom and a gorgeous door. What a dream!

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