Alex and Caleb

Image 1 of Alex and Caleb

How We Met

I met Caleb last September after church on a Saturday night. I was going to Chick-Fil-A with my friend and her boyfriend, and I didn’t want to third wheel, so my friends asked him to come along. I think the first words we spoke to each other was me saying “You’re totally not a spicy food guy” and I was SO right! We lived very close to each other, which was weird because we both lived no where close to the church we went to. We left to go home at the same time that night, and drove next to each other on the freeway. We were driving next to each other on the freeway making faces out the window, speeding up and slowing down and my exit came up FAST… so I went to switch over lanes not realizing a car was speeding right behind me. I almost got hit, but luckily made it home. I wanted to message him so bad when I got home, but I had a feeling he would message me, and I was right. I logged onto Facebook to see a message from him saying “that way way too close to comfort.” A few days later my friend invited me to a James Bond themed Gala for her work. It was for a charity, where you could fake gamble, eat food, and dress up like movie stars for a night. I needed a date, and I had a new friend, so I invited him to come with me. He lived in Tucson at the time, so he had to drive all the way down on a Thursday and skip class just to come. The Gala came and went, and we went on a few dates after that, leading to us beginning our dating relationship.

how they asked

A couple weeks before the proposal, my same friend who invited me to the Gala for her work invited me to another Gala! This time, Phantom of the Opera Theme. We were all excited to go, because it was a reunion of the First Gala which was technically mine and Caleb’s “First Date”. We arrived at the Gala and paid $10 to go towards a charity, which also got each couple or person a raffle ticket for a drawing happening later in the night. We enjoyed snacks and card games while waiting for the drawing to happen. A while later, A drawing for an ipad happened and a lucky guest won that. Then a second drawing happened and Mine and Caleb’s names were drawn! We both got a bag, inside mine was an empty ring box that read “Helzberg” on it. In shock I turned around to see Caleb on his knee with the ring in his hand. I looked up and all of my friends and family walked in through the door and began cheering. Caleb had set up this entire Gala just for me!

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