Cakey and Rocky


How We Met

We met in New Orleans, at a school where we both worked. Within minutes of meeting each other, Cakey had decided she didn’t care much for me at all. Not that there wasn’t undeniable physical attraction, but she could do without my arrogance and lack of respect for authority, thank you very much. (You thought you were hot stuff!) But she finally came around, and the last (almost) three years have been the best of my life.

how they asked

Before we get to the proposal, I think a bit of background is in order. Cakey grew up in Lancaster, VA. When she was little, she developed a love of sunflowers and decided at an early age that she wanted to get married in a field of them.

Years later she told me this plan, but mentioned that she was no longer sure that she wished to wed in Lancaster. So I had the bright idea to do this. Though the idea was mine, I can take little credit for the execution. Only with the help of her selfless Uncle Craig and the tireless effort of her amazing mother was any of this possible. I am lucky to be joining such a caring, thoughtful family.

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