Caity and Steve

imageWeeks before he proposed, Steve told me he had made us dinner plans with friends for May 2nd. He wanted to go out somewhere nice, so that day I got dressed up and ready to go. As I was finishing my hair and makeup, he told me not to come downstairs because he had made me a gift and wanted to set it up for me. Not thinking much of it because he is constantly doing sweet things for me, I waited until I was called downstairs. I walked down to find a dozen red roses laying on top of a huge, red box. I must have spent too much time obsessing over the gorgeous flowers because Steve had to remind me to put them down and open the real gift. I was told it was wooden (Steve’s incredible hobby), so I immediately began wondering if it was a new jewelry box or something else big and heavy. I dug through the layers and layers of tissue paper to suddenly see the words “Will you marry me” carved into a wooden banner wrapped around a huge, red heart. I proceeded to screech, and turned around to find Steve on his knee behind me. After some more screaming, and plenty of asking “Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding right now?!” Steve asked for a second time, “Will you marry me?” I, of course, said yes and we hugged, kissed, told each other how much we love each other, and he then told me the whole thing was on camera. He was thoughtful enough to set up two cameras to capture the whole thing! We left a while later to meet our friends and I was surprised again to see all of our family and friends waiting to celebrate with us. Steve had succeeded in planning and executing the most thoughtful, romantic proposal I could have ever imagined.