Caity and JT

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How We Met

Our story started out the same way any great love story begins — at a crazy college party. My best friend at the time had been invited to attend a fraternity date party but was too nervous to go alone. I knew I technically hadn’t been invited but figured the worst they could do was tell me to leave when I got there, so I got a group of girlfriends together and we offered to go with her to ease her nerves. When we got to party, we were — not really — surprised to find that they didn’t want to kick us out. We were a big group of girls after all. My best friend’s date, however, wasn’t happy she wasn’t alone. To try and occupy us so he could be alone with her, he grabbed a few of his fraternity brothers who hadn’t brought dates and kind of stuck them with us. The guy he ended sticking me with was the exact opposite of what I was usually attracted to — kind of a lanky guy, dressed in sparkly 80s garb (it was an 80s themed party), smoking a cigarette. I didn’t know it at the time, nor did I ever expect it from what I was seeing, but I’d just come face-to-face with my future husband.

how they asked

JT, trying to be as sneaky as possible, told me that his company had provided him free tickets to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the weekend and was interested in going. I knew something fishy was going on (just not a proposal!) because the AZ Cardinals were playing on TV when he wanted to go and normally I’m not even allowed to BREATHE during a game, let alone leave the house and go somewhere when his favorite team is playing, but I agreed to go anyway. My suspicions we’re heightened as JT continually smiled at me the entire way there, which I thought was so weird. Not that he doesn’t often smile at me, but he was just smiling to a ridiculous extreme. When we arrived, he asked me to pick whichever trail I thought was best and then suggested taking a picture when we got to wherever I thought would be the most picturesque. He stopped a group of women when he got to a spot we liked the best and had them take our picture–then dropped to one knee and proposed mid-picture! I was so shocked!

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