Caity and Jacob

How We Met

I actually can’t remember the first time Jacob and I “officially” met! Is that bad? I think we were around 7 or 8 years old, however, we really got to know each other during our years in high school. I am a year older (cougar status, I know) so we became close his freshman year during track season. Oh, how we both loved track season! He was a speedy bullet on the track and I was a pole vaulter (you can imagine the looks I get when I tell people this). We would skip lunch period and have our lunches at the local McDonald’s and I always teased him about how much money and work he spent on his rusted, beat-up truck he owned back then. I think that truck was truly his first love!

Where to Propose in Franklin, IN

There were always some flirtatious moments, but if one of us was single at the time, the other was in a relationship, so it never really worked out in the beginning and I friend-zoned him HARD. His patience paid off in the end! Skip to about 3 years after high school where after losing touch, we bumped into each other at a local high school game. I think my heart exploded when I first saw him! I flagged him down and gave him a huge hug and we spent a few minutes catching up.

Caity's Proposal in Franklin, IN

Yet again, I was the single one at the time and he was there with a girlfriend, so once we said our goodbye’s he went to the stands to sit with his family and I thought that was the end of it. About a month later, I received the best text of my life from one Mr. Jacob Walls, “GUESS WHO’S SINGLE MOTHER F*****!!” I promise he really is a heart breaker (lol)! Later that night, I went to the house he shared with a roommate with a 30 pack of Busche Latte and the rest is history!!

Caity and Jacob's Engagement in Franklin, IN

How They Asked

At this point, we’ve been together for just over 4 years. I had been ready to say yes about 3 months in, so the waiting game was a tough one for me! I think any couple who have been together for years can attest to when I say any moment at that point could be the moment, so there were a lot of “could be” proposal moments. However, his proposal honestly did shock the crap out of me.

I work 2 jobs, one full time and one part-time, Jacob works long hours during the week and we live apart from each other so we really appreciate the time we spend together. On Saturday, December 21st, I was scheduled to work and by some magical chance, I was only working until 5 pm that day. Usually, I close shop so this was a blessing all the way around! We had planned the week prior to go to one of our favorite dinner spots, RFD, in Franklin, IN and walk around to look at the Christmas lights in town. Once we got there, the sun had just fallen so the town was absolutely beautiful with all the Christmas lights! We walked towards the town square by the courthouse and started making our way towards the south end when all of a sudden Jacob says we should turn around and start walking closer to the restaurant. I kinda second-guessed him, but just shrugged my shoulders and started making my way. He then proceeded to scream, “HEY!” and when I turned around there he was, on one knee and blurted out, “Will you marry me?!”

I instantly melted! I cried and somehow muttered “YES!” while he tried to both the ring on my hand since we were both shaking at that point. Our sweet friend, Paige, and our photographer came bursting through the trees and were screaming and cheering us on. I, too, started screaming and was so insanely happy! Somehow nobody ever prepares you for the rush of emotions that come over you!!

Turns out, Jacob freaked out right before because I almost literally ran into Paige. I had no idea she was behind the trees! It was seriously the most perfect proposal that could have happened. After what seems like an eternity, I am absolutely thrilled to be marrying the man of my dreams!

Special Thanks

Paige Bramlett
 | Photographer