Caitrin and Nick

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How We Met

I left Wenatchee looking for the “big city nursing experience.” I found that and much more, including some of my dearest friends. After almost five years, I was ready for a change, and to get back to the east side of the mountains. I dated a bit in Seattle, but nothing ever felt quite right, or timing was off. Before I started my job in the ICU in Wenatchee, I had a friend tell me that I had to meet “this cute guy Nick who works in the ICU.” I had a pretty strict, no dating co-workers policy. I had been on dayshift for a few weeks, and at the end of one long shift, I had three various beverage options around my computer, this tall cute guy made some sarcastic joke about my beverage hoarding skills. He made me laugh, and I knew I needed to tread lightly, you know, to stick to my no dating co-workers policy. I basically gave him the cold shoulder for the better part of a year. Then in August 2014, Nick had just gotten home from a climbing trip in Europe, and we handed off an open heart bypass x8 (8!!) for multiple nights in a row, Nick worked the night shift, I worked day shift. Our reports started getting longer and longer, talking about more than just our patient, and at one point I caught him looking down my scrub top… I should add that the patient did incredibly well and left the ICU a few days later. I was heading off to our family cabin on Hood Canal after that long stretch at work, and Nick asked if I could bring him some oysters.

He asked for my number, in case we weren’t able to meet up at work for the oyster delivery. We started texting that night, and we haven’t stopped for almost three years. We were both working our way out of relationships that were past their prime, and we found exactly what we needed in one another. Nick opened my world up to endless adventure, laughter, love and good food. He taught me to rock climb, and climbing has shaped the way we travel and see the world. We have climbed in Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah, Canada, and Greece, and we hope to add many more to that list. We also love to mountain bike, do yoga, read and spend time with our dogs, Stella and Jasper. But even with all of our travels, we are happiest at home, in the kitchen cooking together with Stella and Jasper at our feet.

how they asked

Nick proposed to me on my 30th birthday surrounded by some of the people who love me/us the most.

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My answer was yes. I write on almost every card to Nick:“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you andI’d choose you.”(-The Chaos of Stars). We choose each other, time and time again. Nick is kind, funny, and sensitive.

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He can sense if my mood changes almost before I do. I’ve never known what it’s like to have a partner in life until Nick entered mine. We are partners, co-workers, teammates, friends, and we love each other deeply. I cannot wait to marry this man

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