Caitlynn and Tyler

Image 1 of Caitlynn and Tyler

How We Met

We met through a family friend. I was visiting my friend (My mom’s ex-best friend’s kids, that I grew up with) and his friend (Tyler) walked through the door. I was 14 or 15 at the time so I was “boy crazy”… lol so I definitely thought Tyler was attractive. But all I remember is he chased me around the apartment building and it was raining so I slipped & fell & Tyler swooped me up & carried me inside & made sure I was okay. ❤️ The picture above was our very first picture taken together in 2015.

How They Asked

We went to Minnesota for vacation/visit his family. I expressed in the past that if he were ever to propose that I would really like it if it were in the snow (we hardly ever get snow here in Arkansas). I also expressed that when we were in Minnesota that I wanted to visit the Enger Tower in Duluth, Minnesota. Tuesday, Jan 4th we went to the Enger Tower where it was freezing cold and pretty snow EVERYWHERE! We hung out & enjoyed the view for a few when next thing I know my Mom is there (she flew from Fayetteville, Ark) to be at the proposal. I hugged her & as she turned me around & asked “how I liked that view” and that view was Tyler on one knee & asked me to marry him ❤️

Image 2 of Caitlynn and Tyler

Special Thanks

Erin W
 | Photographer