Caitlyn and Dan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Waterfront Precinct in Geelong, Australia

How We Met

Dan worked interstate for the two years before we got together. We’d briefly crossed paths at a few of our mutual friends events, and had been connected on Facebook for what seemed like forever, but had never actually had a physical conversation. Likely because around the time of our first interactions with each other, all those years ago, we were both in long term relationships with other people. When we were interacting online between conversations with other friends, we both realized pretty quickly we had very similar morals and beliefs, and the same sick sense of humor. It was shortly after we both connected on Facebook that both of our relationships ended.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Waterfront Precinct in Geelong, Australia

Years past, and due to Dan working interstate four weeks away, and only one week at home, we never really got the opportunity to hang out, and he was never at any social events or anything due to his hellish work schedule. In November 2014, he quit working away and flew home early on a Saturday morning to enjoy a few months at home before heading off again to a new site, even further away and on the other side of the country. Saturday November 15th 2014, I was planning on a big girls night out, which was the usual schedule when I was 24 years old and happily single. A few girlfriends bailed and I ended up at a cocktail bar with my best friend only.
Dan randomly messaged me on Facebook and said “hey, you crack me up when you pick on Ready (the friend that technically introduced us) I owe you a drink, where are you going out tonight?”

Caitlyn and Dan's Engagement in Waterfront Precinct in Geelong, Australia

Sure enough, several cocktails later and a bar hop, and we found ourselves (me and my bestie) in the VIP room of the main nightclub in our hometown. No sooner than we could grab a booth and sit down, Dan the man walks in with his entourage in tow. I’m not going to lie, hours past, and things got a little messy into the early hours of the morning, and there was a few sneaky dance floor snogs and heaps of dancing. It was a night we all will never forget. I was confident he wasn’t the right person for me….I hated the idea of long distance, and although he was hot, all hot guys turn into assholes right? We caught up a few times over the next few weeks, our friends hung out together, we attended a few parties, but I was definitely not interested, and he was definitely up for a challenge. Mid-December Dan began his new job…the time difference and the distance was a killer, but we had built an awesome friendship, and as much as I was in denial, there was all sorts of feelings there. We made time to speak to each other a few times a week over the phone in the evenings.

Proposal Ideas Waterfront Precinct in Geelong, Australia

After four weeks away, Dan returned for his week break, and January 10th 2015…. the relationship became official. And before I knew it, he was back on a plane to work again. We spoke every day of those four weeks, even if it was just for 5 minutes. Our conflicting schedules made it really hard to be able to speak, but we always did it. Late nights, early mornings, whenever. On his return home in February, Dan had an overnight stop off in Perth, where I had no idea, but he made a secret stop off at Tiffany & Co. The next day I was eagerly waiting to pick him up at the airport and drive him home to spend the next week with me. When he got in the car, he asked me to close my eyes, and he handed me a jewellery box…I opened my eyes to an incredible diamond necklace that he had chosen for me (no hints either – and it was totally my style!) and then he hugged me and told me he loved me. I told him straight back that I loved him too.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Waterfront Precinct in Geelong, Australia

Over the coming months we put tenants in his house, and he made the move into my inner city apartment, with my big Rottweiler puppy Jed, and I. During the move, we put a deposit on a block of land to build a house on. In April 2015, our block of land settled, and with our architect, we began to put together the plans for our dream home. In June that year, we had our first holiday together to the Philippines and it was amazing! In October we took a long weekend to watch the MotoGP, which we both always went to, but never together. We both have a shared interest in travelling the world and motor sports.

November 15th 2015, Jed and I picked Dan up from the airport late at night, and we went straight home, because Dan was always stuffed after a massive day of flying.

how they asked

The next day, Monday November 16th 2015, exactly 1 year since our first kiss, Dan headed off for the day to catch up on the last four weeks, run errands, see his family etc, the usual stuff he does when he gets home. We had booked to go to Fisherman’s Pier, our favorite seafood restaurant that night to celebrate our first year together! Monday is my usual day off so I went and had my lashes and nails done. During my appointments, Dan had teed up with my lash girl to do my make up for me so I looked glam for our date that evening. He seemed to be out for longer than usual, but he told me it was for Christmas shopping which I gullibly believed. I wore a new dress, and new wedges, did my hair and got ready to go. Dan eventually got home, he was fumbling around like an idiot, took his sweet-ass time to get ready, while I enjoyed a wine. I got Dan a drink too, but he said he didn’t feel like it and put it back in the fridge – this was not like him at all – we always drink over dinner! The walk down to the waterfront restaurant was equally as annoying. Dan was fiddling around, couldn’t walk straight, kept grabbing his pockets and checking his phone, and he was dawdling so I was getting frustrated.

I was starving, I didn’t eat lunch because I knew we were heading out, I had barely seen him for over four weeks and he was basically ignoring me….I was like “what the hell have I done?” We eventually arrived at the waterfront at 6.20, for our 6.30 dinner, and I went to walk inside. Dan made me walk around looking at yachts and birds and the water (meanwhile I am still starving) and he was basically just loitering and killing time and talking dribble. There was not a proper sentence for the whole time he had been with me. 6.30 rolls around and I asked him to go inside the restaurant….he said “nah come over here on the grass” and walked me over to this grassy area in front of the pier. He hugged me and said he loved me, and I said “I love you too”, then he said back “I want to ask you to be my wife” really quietly. I instantly grabbed him on the shoulders and pushed him back to arms length away.

He looked me in the face, reached into his pocket and pulled out my ring. He got down on one knee, looked up at me and asked me to marry him.

I dropped my bag on the ground and buckled at the knees, pretty much jumped on him and hugged him while he was half standing up. We kissed and hugged and I couldn’t stop looking at the AMAAAAAAZING ring on my finger! Next minute, he points over to our side, and my beautiful friend Stevie is standing there with a camera capturing the whole thing, and bawling her eyes out. To be honest I think I was too in shock to cry, it was overwhelming and I was so happy that I think all my emotions stopped me from getting teary! We spent the next half an hour taking photos and it was the best. It was so natural and we were both so excited and happy. It’s such an emotional and amazing moment that I am so happy I have photographs to look back on, you end up forgetting moments because there’s just so much going on at that very moment in time. We went to dinner, had loads of champagne and delicious seafood, we called all the important people together; mum’s and dad’s, friends, grandparents.

Everyone was unbelievably excited for us. i found out that Dan had spent the day in Melbourne with his mum picking up my ring (which he designed all on his own by the way) and he bought new shoes and a shirt to wear out. He had also stopped past my dad’s work to ask permission to marry me – he knew that meant so much to my dad and I. Once dinner was over, the surprises continued….i got driven right into the city center where our photographer came to meet us again, and so did our immediate families.

Right in the middle of town, on the “Times Square” style billboard was a message “Dan and Caitlyn are getting married 2017” For four hours it was up there on the rotation of ads for everyone to see. This just topped the night off.

We went home together, contacted all the other friends, then made the announcement on Facebook. The local newspaper picked it up and we had a half page feature article about the whole proposal, later that week.

Special Thanks

Stevie van der Chys