Caitlyn and Ty

How We Met

Ty and I met when we were 12 after Hurricane Katrina relocated my best friend (Ty’s cousin) to a F.E.M.A camper behind his family’s home while our community rebuilt. After many years of casual waves and polite conversation, Ty and I finally gave our romance a chance. The summer before our senior year of high school it seemed that fate had taken over. How we tell it… The rest is history.

how they asked

To start, I’m a dance teacher… Ty surprised me on the busiest day of our year, recital. My dance studio was celebrating 20 years. I had huge surprises planned for my boss which added to the normal amount of work that goes into recital week and weekend. At The Dance Company, we always end our show (and every class/performance) the same way. We place one hand on our tummy, one hand on our back, and take a huge bow all while saying THANK YOU. We end it by blowing a kiss! *muah*

Right before the “big finish” my boss asked everyone to back up… Except me. I was a little confused but really was clueless in the moment.. Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” began to play and I saw Ty move in from behind the crowd. We danced for what seemed like forever (only about 30 seconds) and then Ty grabbed the mic. In front of all of the people who mean the most to me and during my absolute favorite day/event of the whole year, he asked me to be his bride. To have someone who knows how much dance/family means to me is simply incredible. My life has been spent on stage, it was so perfect to see him have his moment in the spotlight as well. The video below speaks for itself!

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