Caitlyn and Otto

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How We Met

Otto and I met a little over two years ago in a honors marketing class. We sat next to each other with a mutual friend and exchanged numbers due to having two other classes together that semester (group projects and stuff, ya know?). We became friends quickly as we spent more and more time together. I even told my friends about three weeks in to knowing him that he is the kind of guy you marry one day. That semester, my sorority, Delta Gamma, and his fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chi, were paired together for intramural soccer. We made a habit of going to the games together and cheering them on; he even adapted the role of coach. Otto would dress up in slacks and a button down, he would wear a fairly large headset, and he would bring clipboards with a game plan. Essentially, he was the referee’s worst nightmare. About a month and a half after meeting, we were at an intramural game and he asked me to come look at a play for him. I laughed and walked over and he lifted up a page to show the words he wrote on the clipboard: “Will you be my girlfriend? Check Yes or No”. It was an obvious yes, and we’ve been dreaming of this day ever since!

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how they asked

Otto and I are the couple who have known we were going to get married from the beginning. It’s safe to say that I knew a proposal was coming, but I could have never imagined how wonderful it would really be. Otto told me he wanted to take me out to Gruene, where we had out first date, to spend the day and celebrate the end of tax season (being an accountant is very time demanding during busy season, let me tell you!!). It was our first free day together in months, and it was absolutely perfect. We went to a winery, listened to live music, and talked for hours before he told me it was time to head towards dinner. Little did I know that during this time, Otto’s amazing friends were just a block away setting up the most romantic proposal I could imagine. As we walked to dinner, we stumbled upon a gazebo, which I quickly realized had been decorated with photos of our past two years together.

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Before I could even process what was happening, Otto told me how much he loves me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him with the most stunning ring I have ever seen. I immediately said yes, and cheers and applause erupted from our family and friends who were hiding behind the trees just a few feet away. Otto planned an after party at The Gruene River Grill where we got to enjoy the night and take in this special moment with our favorite people. It was absolutely magical!

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Special Thanks

Lauren Garrison
 | Photographer
Gruene, TX
 | Location