Caitlyn and Oleh

Image 1 of Caitlyn and Oleh

How We Met

Oleh and I met at a mutual friends birthday party. We hit it off instantly and spent the whole night talking. Even after only a few hours I told him “I feel really comfortable around you” and he felt the same way. It’s been three years and 4 months and we haven’t gone a day since then that we haven’t spoken. We are beyond happy!

how they asked

As we both love traveling, Oleh and I planned a trip to Banff, Alberta. Living in Ontario I’ve been longing to see the mountains and the famous Lake Louise everyone talks about. Oleh suggested we visit Lake Louise at sunset and it was even more breathtaking than we imagined. We took some photos and then three French girls asked if we wanted a photo together (bless their hearts). Oleh said yes! And asked one to take a video and one to photograph it, which I thought was odd. He then came over and instead of posing by me he got down on one knee. He told me “you knew this was coming” which I did but not at that moment. He told me how much I meant to him and asked me to marry him. With that killer scenery, beautiful ring and most wonderful man in the world, how could I say no? I was in tears and said yes! we spent the rest of the night having dinner at the beautiful Chateau Lake Louise, and sat by their fire pit talking about how we at now officially Fiancé’s! It was the most magical evening.