Caitlyn and Mike

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How We Met

“Mike and I met through a mutual friend in grade 12 when I invited said friend over to my parent’s house and he brought Mike along.

I remember thinking how cute and mysterious he was with his hood sitting atop of his blonde spiked hair.

Somehow I got my hands on his Blackberry and I discovered his once hidden love for Taylor Swift (he no longer loves swifty). This made me like him even more!

Over the next few weeks of Spring Break we quickly became inseparable and haven’t left each other’s side since. We quickly discovered similar interests in movies, Laguna Beach and Pizza. You could say it was love at first slice.”

how they asked

Hi Stacy and the how they asked team!

I am so excited to finally share these photos of when we surprised one of my wedding planners with this beautiful marriage proposal. Mike and Caitlyn have been together for 8 years and Mike wanted this proposal to be very special. Caitlyn works for me as one of my wedding planners at Sweetheart Events and has always dreamed of this big moment. She had it all planned out! Mike knew with Caitlyn working in the industry he needed to hire me to assist him in pulling off this surprise for her. The surprise began with the venue. One of Caitlyn’s favourite venues is The Permanent located in downtown Vancouver. She fell in love with the venue but had never done an official site visit.

Mike had worked out of town for the last three years and promised this would be his last work trip away. What Caitlyn didn’t know was he never went away but was planning this suprise with me instead. As Caitlyn had never done an official site visit at The Permanent I suggested that before our monthly team meeting why don’t we all meet at the venue for a site visit. Caitlyn, not having any idea we were all in on the plan, she contacted the venue and arranged the site visit. On the day of the proposal, Caitlyn and I snuck away to get our nails done (because she knew a proposal would happen after Mike returned back from work). While we were getting pampered, the SHE team was setting up the details and preparing for the ultimate surprise.

Later that day, Caitlyn and I arrived at The Permanent and walked in the front door. The venue had informed us that an event would be happening so to expect some decor set up.

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Just as Caitlyn walked in, her and Mike’s favourite song played over the house system (Yours by Russell Dickerson).

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She couldn’t believe it was finally happening and hugged me so tightly before walking down the balloon aisle we created with photos of their love story. At the end of the aisle, was a grey linen sheet hanging draped with greenery and florals that included Mike’s love note to Caitlyn.

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Moments later, Mike walked through the heritage bank vault and around the draped curtain to get down on one knee and ask Caitlyn those four little words.

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Read Caitlyn’s blog posts for more: Part 1, Part 2.

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This proposal was the ultimate surprise and every detail was perfectly crafted to reflect their 8 year love story together.

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It would be such a pleasure to share this amazing surprise proposal with your readers. It’s not everyday a Proposal Planner gets to plan the ultimate marriage proposal for one of their very own team members. I can’t wait until their wedding day this September!

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Thank you for your time and consideration in this beautiful proposal :)

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Special thanks

Proposal Planning/Design/Calligraphy: Sweetheart Events
Photography: Christine Pienaar Photography
Florals: Celsia Florist
Video: FusionDJEntertainment
Venue: The Permanent