Caitlyn and Matthew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our bedroom floor

How We Met

We met online on an app called Plenty Of Fish or POF. I messaged hom one night to meet me at a bar because i felt like dancing and he agreed so we met at Eagles Nest in Chesapeake. I ended up having so much fun talking to him I never even went to dance. We have literally been together ever since.

how they asked

I decided to plan an at home wine tasting date, so we got the stuff and I set it all up and I decided it’d be fun to do a “looking cute with no where to go” type outfits so I got all dressed up and made him do it too. Then while we are just watching tv, drinking wine, and eating the food, he just looks at me and says “will you marry me?” And of course I said “yes!”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our bedroom floor