Caitlyn and Matt

Where to Propose in Grand Mesa National Forest, Colorado

How We Met

Our story begins in the spring of 2011. I was attending LCCC, a small community college in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was having a great time as a freshman in college meeting new people, attending classes, and finding my own way away from home. I was signed up for a sociology class, and had no idea that the class would soon change my life. I sat in the back of the auditorium where the class was held. Being the studious person I am, I was very focused on the class and the lectures. It was the middle of the semester when I started noticing a handsome man sitting at the front of the class. From there on out, each class I would move down a row to eventually get a seat closer to him. It was one night when I was in the downstairs lobby of the residence hall when I saw Matt downstairs too. I knew this was my chance to meet him, and I quickly thought to ask him if we had any homework in our sociology class. The rest for us is history. From a year of long distance while he transferred to Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, to graduating college together, continuing our journey for a year in Chicago, andbuying a home together in Grand Junction, I have never felt more sure of what I have in Matt. I love that Matt and I share a common love of the outdoors, as we love hiking, biking, and skiing together. I love that he takes care of me and that him and his family welcome me with open arms, and allow me to be myself. I am counting down the days to becoming Mrs. Bell and continuing our great adventure.

how they asked

It was Sunday, September 25, and I had been planning a Christmas photo shoot for myself, Matt, and our 4 month old puppy, Kannah. I had planned a sunrise shoot in the Grand Mesa National Forest, about 45 minutes from home. We loaded up the car, met the photographer and her assistant, and we were on our way. A few days prior to the photo shoot, Matt contacted the photographer and told her his plan to get down on one knee. They had worked up a plan and signals to each other to time the moment just perfect. Once we arrived at Grand Mesa National Forest, we were surprised to see the first snowfall of the season. Being September, it just so happened that the crisp golden fall leaves were also upon us, and made for an unbelievable view. Being the adventurous couple that we are, we planned to hike about 30 minutes through the fresh fallen snow to Lost Lake, but the sun was rising fast and the photographer let Matt know that we should take some photos at the current lake, South Mesa Lake. We faced each other and were prompted by the photographer to say one thing we loved about each other. I could tell Matt was acting a little different by this time, and he looked me in the eyes, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. After a lot of happy tears and hugging, we continued our morning by hiking to the second lake to take more photos and eventually headed home to break the news to our closest friends and family. It was the most beautiful day, and one we surely won’t forget. Engagement Proposal Ideas in Grand Mesa National Forest, Colorado

Special Thanks

Elisa Watkins
Jacob Watkins
Photographer Assistant