Caitlyn and Logan

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How We Met

I saw logan 4 or 5 years ago when we were in high school and since that first day I was taken away. I had such a crush, and urge to know him. Sadly either he was dating someone when I wasn’t or vice versa. We bumped into each other a few times through the years..but it just wasn’t our turn yet! Then he finally reached out a little over 2 years ago and it began!

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how they asked

I was told a couple months before May that Logan and I had won a free photo shoot from Quinn, who is my cousins bff. I LOVE her work and I was so excited. Me and Logan had done a couple shoots multiple times and I was under the impression this was just another! We were told in about March or April about winning our free photo shoot! March is also my birthday month. Well one day I found a card to a jewelry store and asked logan about it. He said it was nothing and told me to stop asking! My birthday rolls around and I came home to a surprise from Logan, a rose gold diamond NECKLACE! I was so shocked and Happy!

Fast forward. It’s Cinco De Mayo; picture day. We show up and Quinn gives us a run down and she turns on her music and starts clickin away! We are awkward and laughing and it’s a great beautiful time. As time goes on we had moved closer to the water as the sun was setting and everything just glistened. Suddenly, Quinn turns down the music, I look at her, she’s looking at Logan, I turn to Logan and my heart melts and seems to evaporate from my body. He is starting to reach in his pocket and go down on one knee. I start screaming and I can’t even be still because the love of my life has the biggest, most genuine smile on his face and he asked the question I’ve been waiting to hear since I was a little girl! “Will you marry me?” As if it was even a question! I scream yes and he embraces me in the most passionate kiss I think we have ever shared. I cried, we laughed, Quinn took one million pictures.

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They begin to tell me everything was planned, it wasn’t a free photo shoot we “won”. The card I found way back in March from the jewlers was in fact about my ring! So Logan had to buy a necklace to throw me off! He asked my mother and my cousin, Jadea for help They contacted Quinn, and the plan was set! Now I have an amazing story to tell our children one day and the beautiful pictures to go right along with it that capture every single second. Our wedding is September 8th 2018, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Special Thanks

Quinn Oberlander
 | Photographer
Jadea Rudolph
 | Planning
Kristin Shaw
 | Planning